An Old Boxed Book Set From Oxfam

Don’t you just love charity shops for distribution through a good rummaging?

When I pass a charity shop I love to drop in and look for old books on crafts. Often the books are dogeared, worn and tatty but I still buy because the money goes to support the finances that feed into societal need. After perusing the shelves of my local Oxfam I was about to leave when I saw a misplaced boxed set of six small and neat carpentry and joinery books. It’s a second edition set and and I have the first edition set already but the box had indeed been used to protect the set so they were still in mint condition.

At the checkout desk the lady opened the box and said, “Oh, I didn’t know we had these. How interesting.” She took my money and asked if I was into DIY. I told her I was but such information would one day disappear. Then I corrected myself. “You know, perhaps it won’t.” I said. “Maybe we should have more confidence that a new generation will discover their own mastery of skill.” I learned as much about my work from simply working things out myself and not everything I do or teach was taught to me and neither did I read or watch a video on how to either.

Books like these are a great resource though. I thumbed through the pages and information just jumped off the page at me. I loved the line drawings and of course nomenclature is always of value. I will enjoy this amazingly compact set. Glad I found it.

15 thoughts on “An Old Boxed Book Set From Oxfam”

  1. Lynn R Bradford

    Nice! I have a 4 volume set put out by Audels that Has a wealth of information on carpentry.

  2. Thomas Tieffenbacher aka docSavage45


    I too love books and reading. I worry that I have too many and their is no one who will value my books when I’m gone. Before my YouTube journey I acquired books by well known artisans, although in paperback and used. I still go back to Krenov for inspiration and occasionally look at Tag Fried. I also have some older woodworking books as well. Congrats on your Merry Christmas find. since you’re still on LumberJocks…I’ll give the traditional response. “You suck!” LOL!

    1. Well, we are always looking for donations of books to create a research library so please consider this.

      1. Thomas Tieffenbacher/aka docSavage45


        That’s a great idea. I attempted to donate Psychology books for students to see that the new ideas are based on old concepts with often different labels, and it went fine for the first suv load Then the organizer got busy with other projects.

        Would it be too expensive to ship across the pond?

      2. Finn Koefoed-Nielsen

        I’m happy to donate books towards a library (I used to be a bookseller and still sell on Amazon). Send an email and I’ll get in touch.
        PS Hope you enjoyed the “Norwegian Wood” book (if you’ve had time!), I really enjoyed the plane and saw fettling course.
        Best Regards, Finn

  3. If you like old books like I do. Type in Open Library, on your search engine. They have a ton of books that you can view on line, save to your device, or borrow. A lot of Great wood working books, other things.

  4. Those seem nice. Mr. Sellers, besides your books, Is there any other good books you could recommend to get?

    1. My favourite of all books on woodworking is Aldren Watson’s ‘Hand Tools, Their Ways and Their Workings’. It is inexpensive and packed with wonderful drawings and useful information too.

    2. My favourite of all books on woodworking is Aldren Watson’s ‘Hand Tools, Their Ways and Their Workings’. It is inexpensive and packed with wonderful drawings and useful information too.

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