What a Stocking Stuffer–Two Tools in One

Did you ever think of such a thing?

I have owned a Lee Valley Veritas plane screwdriver for some years and indeed can recommend them for removing and setting the cap iron screw on all bench planes. We have many planes to work on because of our work and then the school of woodworking also. They seat nicely in the screw slot and the surrounding brass ferrule works to capture the whole head of the setscrew for a non-slip solidity to what is often awkward with a screwdriver. Recently, our film maker and editor Eloise was using an unwieldy screwdriver in the slot of a camera mount screw to remove the setscrew. Finger tight is usually not enough and many camera tripods do not use the butterfly thumb turns to secure the slide mount to the camera. Anyway, it looked awkward and I remembered my Veritas plane screwdriver. I said try this to see if this fits and it did indeed fit perfectly. She was thrilled with its dead on functionality and its non-slip solidity, so here you get two functions for the price of one and for any photographer-come-woodworker it’s a perfect Christmas gift at a low cost of $15.90. Here’s the link.

10 thoughts on “What a Stocking Stuffer–Two Tools in One”

  1. Brendan Gallagher

    I bought one of these s few years back, thinking it was extravagant because it is so specialised. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s a fantastic tool which I use all the time, enabling easy, solid securing of plane blades with no scraped hands or gouged screw heads!

  2. What is wrong with simply using the front edge of the lever cap? It was designed to fit the screw head slot. Works fine for me.

      1. Paul,
        The very exellant WS Birmingham planes of the 1950’s (pre- Woden) had a lever cap with a specially cast in slot designed to fit the cap iron screw, unfortunately neither Woden nor Record followed through with this innovation.

  3. For this kind of (camera) screw, I use a coin as screw driver.
    It is certainly not perfect but it is space saving.
    Easy to find in the pocket usually.
    Now if I was professional photographer, screwing and unscrewing that screw several times in the day, I would like a screw driver like that.

  4. Howard Skillington

    Not to be pedantic and – yes, the word is a bit problematic these days – but the idiom, derived from the Latin word for with, would be “photographer-cum-woodworker.”

    Thanks for the encouragement to buy this fine and elegant little tool. I’ve been coveting one for some time now.

  5. Yes Paul, these are excellent and easy to make from off cuts and a bit of scrap steel and wardrobe hanging rail. More importantly, they are fun to make. Last Friday, I gave one to the guy who runs my local second hand tool store and keeps his eye out for old planes.
    Turn the wood to shape, slot the stub end at 90 degrees to the grain, mortice the slot to get the metal into the bulk of the wood. File the metal until it fits the slot then thin the end down to suit the slot in the screw. Araldite the parts together , fit the ferrule and apply a few coats of laquer. If I knew how to attach a photograph, I’d show the parts and the final assembly. Happy making.

  6. To the previous poster – I understand your concerns, but this item would be somewhat hard to lose because of its shape, and its size. It’s about the same size and shape of an average door knob. Not so small that it would be easy to lose.
    I own one of these and very much enjoy the convenience it provides. I made a small mark with a magic marker, on the brass, at each end of the blade. This makes it easier to align to the slot of the screw.
    Aside from its convenience though, I bought it because of its great beauty. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous, and keep it in view, near my bench, so I can occasionally gaze at it, and appreciate it’s beauty. It kind of inspires me in my own work.

  7. What if you do not know what said tool is called ?.
    What if you do not have a wood turning lathe ?.
    What do you do then to obtaining one when the only people known to me are overseas and in this group how do you ask for said item ?.

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