Building My Laptop Desk

I so enjoy designing and building pieces and, as I always have, it’s predictable that I always will. Whereas I always got a buzz from people choosing me to design pieces for their home or their office, and then of course making them too, I now have something even more special in my work. It’s the influence of sharing videos with others who want to make their own furniture and develop their own skills in the doing of it.


Please take a look at this introduction to my next video series on woodworkingmasterclasses. Share it with other who might like the concept of doing it themselves or just like to see who you are learning your skills from. As ever, I hope that you enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Building My Laptop Desk”

  1. Wayne Yankoff

    Paul, My wife asked what I wanted for Father’s Day. I said nothing special. Then I came to me. A big fat burger with Mayo and catsup ( a little).’ Got it and it was heavenly. Besides We came back from California, seeing our daughter and her sons (X 2. ) As I become introduced to being older, simple items or calmer activities are enough. I even went out to that most sacred of all places – wood shop – and breathed the wood into my soul. This breathing is not as mercurial as it sounds. I am, it is. Special. Thanks so much foe asking . Wayne

  2. This is a wonderful little desk. I have been wanting to build me a desk and have been struggling with a design to build. There are a few features that this one has that would be a great fit for mine. Keep up the great work Mr. Sellers, I am a huge fan of yours. I think I have watch just about every video you have on youtube.

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