First Episode of My Workbench Online Today

Yup! Here it is. It seemed a long time coming but drawings, cutting list and episode one just went out and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did and that you will indeed let me know your progress.

The ultimate workbench is most likely the one you first make for yourself.

So here you can make your own and follow exact instructions as you watch me make mine. I use this bench in my day to day and would not change a thing. We will be showing you additional upgrades in subsequent videos and though I have kept this simple it will meet the demands of the most demanding woodworkers and furniture makers.

Here you go!



8 comments on “First Episode of My Workbench Online Today

  1. I’ve used this bench style for a couple years now , ever since i found your first book, and it is great. So solid and I know it will last me as long as I want. Happy building. 🙂

  2. Dear Paul, I made this project my own during last winter. It was really fun and it gave me the best work bench I ever had! Thanks for all your inspiring work!


  3. Made this a couple yrs. ago from the first youtube video. Awesome bench. Rock solid. I think I tightened it twice over 3 years and I woodwork almost every day with only hand tools.

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