My Office and Workshop Garage…

…Melding the Worlds of Working

Whereas I have most of the components, I still have yet to find time to build a display-case/book-case/desk/room-divider/rest-area as a place for me to retreat to. Most of my time is shared with everyone I work with but my age allows me a space of time to take a little rest midday which I have never yet taken since starting work at fifteen. The garage workspace is working perfectly for me, it’s restful and  and I love it all the more. With that in place I want to give some time to my more personal project, an unfolding work in progress. I am a most fortunate woodworker. I have open countryside and wildlife preserves surrounding me skirted by the Thames, supposedly the cleanest of city rivers in Europe, flanks my area and provides long walks for everyone.  A couple of cycle paths I can use for walking, running or and cycling into town get me off the roads too, which I do three times a day for the exercise. Work is a quarter mile commute from home as the crow flies with no traffic lights and only one stop as a ‘Give way‘ (Yield USA). I’m surrounded by the wildlife I love to see and be with though nothing so wild as my early Texas days. I may take a subscription to Texas Parks and Wildlife one of these days. Now that was wild!

I keep adding bits and pieces to my workplace to make things flow smoothly and of course save that precious commodity, time. I’m no longer hunting down a long lost tool although I suspect ones I am missing are misplaced and staring at me from somewhere. Filming is the smoothest we’ve done. Demarkation is much clearer making it easy to know the places that work best. Our more recent projects may seem simpler but they are actually quite challenging because  the tightness and tolerances are a little less forgiving. Though I know people do not always make the projects, it has become evident that they use the videos for personal training and adapt the techniques and methods we show to something nearer to home. Of course that is what we planned all along.

Thanks for your superb support

Woodworkingmasterclasses has always grown week on week and though we all work hard to produce quality content for others to learn from, it’s you that has spurred us on to new heights. We’ve upped the anti and last weeks introduction of Common Woodworking showed amazing results. Funny how you buy a domain name based on more a gut feeling and years later it’s a fully fledged reality that soars. At one point the servers seemed to be on fire but they coped. If you have friends that might enjoy starting out on the journey we’d love for them to know of us. We enjoy the popularity after all of the work that went into it and we are constantly working to improve the resource for those new to the craft. We know as most people do that of you get the foundation right everything else drops in place. How many of you would have liked what we do 20-30 years ago before the www made online training a part of daily life?


  1. Anthony on 8 August 2018 at 10:58 pm

    I have a lot of extra glass plates on hand and want to use them in panels. Do u recommend fitting them into a rabbet or into a groove? I was thinking a groove but looked closely at your glue up of the panel door and noticed a rabbet for the mirror. Is a rabbet better for mirror and glass?

    • Evan on 8 August 2018 at 11:52 pm

      First thought is replaceabilty. Rabbet means when, not if, the pane cracks it is a simple task to replace it. A groove means essentially rebuilding the door.

  2. William Lial on 19 August 2018 at 12:42 am

    The place where you are looks really fantastic, Paul. Nature and a place for walking and cycling is a dream. Here where I live is impossible; lacking nature and safety, but not lacking violence and insalubrity.

    Keep up the good work for the world. I keep spreading through my social networks what you do.

    A hug from Brazil!

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