We had a great and very hot summer for the UK and I am glad the hot weather has gone and we have a little more mildness. Taking my walks confirms the changing season and we have fully ripe rose hips, lots of blackberries and the leaves are falling in both the horse chestnuts and even beech trees a bit. Somehow this combines all of my greatest interests in any given day so a I walk, sketch, cycle, eat, eat, work wood, eat, photograph things wood and non wood and then I go to shows like this one out near Henley where I find a dozen people an hour to share interest with.

I am really enjoying my workshop and this week I had muy plenty of sketching and drawing to do. I’m psyching myself up for the next project and that always takes me a few days to get myself in the zone. Prototypes come in here and that’s the greater fun because i can identify all of the problems you are likely to come across. i just finished the drawings for the last  project I’ve called the eco bin because it is more eco friendly than the plastic bins we generally use. I have been using the bin for two weeks now and it is indeed great—actually two of them—the prototype worked out as a total user too. I said user not loser. One I use for clean shavings for on-cycling to Izzie for her chicken bedding, drying the coop and then laying boxes for clean eggs.

The garage is amazing though. I admit in the first days I felt lost the thing about being a seasoned woodworker, some say well seasoned, is I am very used to things owning a place and so my blogging about sense of belonging is my way of letting everyone know it didn’t really happen over night but my experience did tell me where best to put the primary things I depend on the most for best convenience and manageability. 

The birds have been gathering in clusters, swifts and swallows getting ready to migrate, goldfinches chitchatting between young and old. Autumn seems just a few weeks to come and then of course winter is my very favourite woodworking time. I like working in the evenings a little. Just a couple of hours when I enjoy a different kind of peace. I have some projects `i want to revisit and one of those is a black walnut rocker I made back in Texas nearly thirty or so years ago that needs some additional work and refinishing after living in the dusty country of Texas all of its life. I plan on redoing a few things to it to improve it before I pass it on. Four of my family now have one so this one goes to a fourth. There is also a very unique project I am working on the design of and I will put that on the wanna do list to complete before the end of the year.

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  1. William Lial on 29 August 2018 at 9:54 pm

    Poetic, Paul. In my city, here in Brazil, we do not have the season changes. The whole year the temperature is between 28 and 32 degrees. Actually, I do not like this hot weather, but I have no choice, I have to accept it.

    I’m always here watching and reading you.

    Now I’m going to watch your “An Introduction to Perspective Drawing”.

    See you!

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