Yep! Launched it yesterday so please join in and follow the link below if you want to enter my latest giveaway.

Thank you all for your continuing support and for taking us over the 300,000 subscriber mark on our YouTube Channel. I love that our woodworking community continues to grow and that we are able to train an ever-new generation of hand tool woodworking enthusiasts as they discover the core essentials to achieve high levels of fine woodworking.

We are celebrating crossing the number we aimed for with a giveaway. The giveaway this time is a perspective sketch I did for the recent YouTube video we put out showing an introduction to perspective drawing for woodworkers so please join us.

As long as you are over 18 and living on Planet Earth you can enter for free. Simply go to the description below the video where you will find a link to instructions to enter as well as the terms and conditions. The giveaway runs until the 12 September 2018 and the winner will be announced on the 13 September 2018. I look forward to announcing the winner then.

Best wishes to everyone!

This giveaway is now closed. We plan to do others at future milestones though see keep an eye out for those.


  1. nemo on 31 August 2018 at 9:35 pm

    Watching your video on drawing in perspective was very worthwhile; it’s something I’ve wanted to learn (again), as my last experience with it was in the mid-’80s in drawing/arts class, first grade of secondary school. Applied the techniques you’ve shown to a little project I’m working on at the moment, a towel rack for in the shower. I had already made a freehand sketch of it in my usual, personal and informal style, but now made it again, this time using formal vanishing points. Looks very nice. Much more professional. I need more practice, but the first result is certainly encouraging.

    Incidentally, watching the image of the piece of paper stuck to the drawingboard, your hand and it holding the pencil, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the drawing of Maurits Escher, “Drawing Hands”:

  2. Robert on 1 September 2018 at 7:26 am

    I’ve always struggled to get into sketching. This video is really helpful and gives so many tips to get you started on the right path. I’m going to make that wooden guide and practice what you showed.

    I signed up for the giveaway, fingers crossed!

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