Happy Birthday Paul!

It is my dad’s 70th birthday today. I hope you will all join me in wishing him a very happy birthday.

We put a little invitation in the roundup emails that go out inviting people to send in videos wishing my dad a happy birthday. We had dozens of videos sent in and while we weren’t able to include them all a few of them feature in the video below and we showed them all to my dad and he really appreciated it. At the end of the video there is a rare appearance of our team wearing my dad’s signature denim shirts. Here is the video:

Feel free to add your well wishes in the comments below. I am sure my dad will greatly appreciate it.

Happy New Year to you all!

Best wishes,


P. S. My dad assures us he feels no need to retire. Later this year we will be launching the next phase of our work which will be for my dad to furnish an entire home with his hand made wooden furniture. We can’t wait to get started and we will do everything we can to support my dad continue to do what he enjoys best, sharing his passion and skill with a worldwide audience.

159 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Paul!”

    1. Happy 70th Birthday Paul,

      I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Woodworking Show in Kansas City, Missouri in 2012.

      I still receive comments from people regarding my workbench which was built with your instruction from the video series you did in your garden area.

      Thank you for all you have done for so many people around the world, still enjoy learning from you!

    2. Happy birthday Mr. Sellers.
      You have bank rob me. I have so many hand tools that I need a large suite case to carry them.
      You are very inspirational to me.

    3. Happy Birthday, Paul! Thank you for being such a huge influence on who I am and my career one preservation!

    4. Happy Birthday Paul

      You are a truly inspirational teacher and a wonderful human being. Thank you for all your efforts to persuade the world that sometimes the handcrafted ways are better and more rewarding. I wish you many more years doing what you love.

      Thanks also to your wonderful team

      Roy from Germany

  1. You enrich the lives of countless people and inspire us towards thoughtful, deliberate lives. Your birthday is a joy for us all. May it be a happy day for you as well!

  2. Paul,
    Happy Birthday from Glenmoore, Pennsylvania. I enjoy visiting your on line work.
    Thank You,

  3. Happy Birthday, Paul, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Thank you for passing along what you know and love!

  4. Happy Birthday Paul from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! Appreciate your teachings and all you share with us!

  5. Ronald R Kowalewski

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for getting me off the conveyor belt and into life!

  6. A very Happy Birthday Paul tried to leave a vidio message and discovered I’m a luddite!! Best Wishes to you and your family…. Billy

  7. Happy Birthday from Tallahassee, Florida!!! I Enjoy all of your videos.


    Chris Coxwell

  8. Happy Birthday Paul – I can tell you from personal experience that 70 is a great age to be.
    Many thanks for sharing your amazing talent – your videos have me spellbound.

  9. Happy Birthday Blessings!!

    Thank you for all you do for the woodworking community and inspiring us to be better at what we enjoy doing. Wishing you many more years of enjoying teaching and sharing your passion and skill of woodworking.

  10. Happy Birthday Paul,
    Thank you so much vor all your Help! You showed us top Schärpen ihr Tools!
    You trusted us: you can do it! So with confidence I started and through time sensitivity towards wood grew. I wish you all the best for the new year.
    Friedrich from Germany (71, apprentice through the Internet since 2016)

  11. Happy birthday, Mr Sellers.
    I thank youvery much for your work.
    To me you are like the 21st century version of mr Charles H Hayward

  12. Happy birthday, Paul. You are my 2nd mentor next to my Opa. Thank you for all of your instructions and may you continue to enjoy doing what you love.

  13. Patrick gagnier

    Happy birthday Mr. Sellers. Thank you for your hardwork and dedication. Your teachings helped me rise above a dark period in my life.
    Have a great day, its my birthday too 🙂

  14. Happy Birthday, Paul.
    I’ve learned enough from your videos to make a toy box, a tool chest, end tables, a cabinet, a desk, a bed, benches, stools, and countless birthday and Christmas gifts for my friends, family, and students.

    I’m a school teacher so I don’t have a ton of money but I have been able to make things far more valuable for others that I couldn’t have afforded without making them myself. My sons and some of my friends want me to teach them how to work wood with their hands.

    I think that what you have been willing to share has done even more for others (and the world) than you realize.

  15. Dear Paul,

    for your 70th birthday I wish you all the best, health, happiness, blessings and joy in your work and with your family.
    I fondly remember my time at Penrhyn Castle in 2015 for the foundational course but I must say the videos are a close second in terms of what one can learn, so thanks to you and your team for making this possible.

    Kind regards,

  16. Happy birthday Paul and thank you for inspiring and sharing your expertise with so many of us around the world! Your efforts (and those of your team) are very much appreciated!

    Many happy returns of the day!

  17. Paul,
    Happy Birthday, Paul! Not only do I admire you and have admired you since your initial videos (Thank You!), my 18 year old son came home from school wood shop class speaking of “an awesome British guy, Dad; you’ll love him!” His shop class teacher was showing YOU! May God bless you!
    Best wishes from Canton, Ohio, USA.

  18. Wishing you the best birthday ever from Denison, Iowa! Thanks for all that you have taught me Paul. Your lessons go beyond woodworking, and I am passing all of it down to my grandchildren!!


  19. Happy birthday Paul !
    I wish you the very best for the future.
    Thank you for all the knowledge you share and for the great time we have watching your videos, reading your blog and woodworking of course. You are such an inspiring person.
    Long and strong life to you !
    Best wishes from France.

  20. Happy Birthday from Chicago. I have built so many of your projects the last 4-5 years. Started from scratch and no tools- To a whole woodshop in the basement and wood everywhere! You have helped me physically, mentally, emotionally and so much more. Keep up the great work.

  21. Paul Dallender

    From one January baby to another (mine was yesterday – 61)


    Thank you for the inspiration and confidence you’ve given me in taking my first steps on the woodworking road. I look forward to many more years in your good company.

  22. Ferd van Ooijen

    Happy Birthday Paul! I wish You many healthy years to come!
    Enjoy the cape from 70 years you have rounded??
    Greetz from Ferd. from the Netherlands

  23. Greetings and best regards for a glorious birthday celebration! Thank you so much for sharing as you gave about hand tool woodworking, and about life as well. You have indeed been an inspiration, motivation, and great mentor to me, personally. Thank you so very much. Congratulations on your achievements. Keep up the good work, and good health to you.

  24. Manuel de Sales

    Happy birthday and all the best Paul, you very much deserve it. You have provided me and so many others with so much over the years. Thank you from Western Australia.
    Manuel de Sales

  25. Paul M Clifford

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday from Albuquerque, New Mexico! Would that we could all celebrate together all of the gifts you have given so many of us, sharing your knowledge, skill and wisdom so selflessly! Were I there, I would happily offer a laurel and hearty handshake…
    Good on you!

  26. Quite a milestone making 70, congratulations!
    Have a Happy Birthday!
    I’m looking forward to many more years of insight and instruction.

    So thankful for you and your influence, all the way from Arkansas!

  28. Bob Younghusband

    Happy Birthday to you Sir!! Thank you for all that you do for us. Your ability to explain techniques is far above all that I follow. Please keep up your inspiring work and I look forward to beginning a few projects this year that you have shown us.
    God Bless!!

  29. Joshua Hohnerlein

    Happy Birthday to the greatest teacher I’ve ever had! You are such a wonderful person and I am so glad to have found your work and teachings!!

  30. Van harte gefeliciteerd en nog vele gezonde jaren gewenst!

    Wishing you many more years in good health. If I have half the energy you have when I arrive at that landmark I will count myself lucky. The snippets of video from your followers all over the world were enjoyable to watch. But I think you were cheated out of a few candles on your cake….

  31. Happy Birthday, Paul! I hope you have a wonderful day, year and many more to come – filled with happiness and teaching and learning too.

  32. Happy Birthday Paul…

    I knew it was today, and would have left a message sooner… but I’ve been in my workshop all day, working on 3 different projects… and that’s all down to you!

    Have a great day/evening, and tanks.


  33. Meredith Gibbs

    Happy Birthday from a Texan who took a basic class from you many years ago n Elm Mott. I still follow you today and look forward to learning a little bit more about hand tool woodworking.


  34. Happy Birthday, Paul.

    Have wonderful time on your special day.

    You change lives (mine included!) with what you do, and you have changed the way of teaching all of us hand tool woodworkers skills we could never have achieved in a time where formal apprenticeships have become almost unavailable (or focus on machine work).

    Thank you, thank you so much. You are truly a gift to mankind, a rock in the ocean and an anchor for all who are concerned to preserve traditional skills and to get many into practicing them. You make one of the strongest counterpoints against getting sucked into the ubiquitous convenience of superficiality in the name of consumerism and complacency.

    And—you’re just the nicest guy and a pleasure to follow through your blogs and videos…

    Thank you, all the very best for another amazing and happy year in your life,

  35. Happy Birthday Paul from the great hand tool wasteland of Southern California. Not many of us out here but enough to keep the legacy alive. Thanks for all your inspiration, encouragement, mentoring, and guidance. Happy Birthday


  36. Paul,

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday with family and friends and that you look forward to many more. All the best!

  37. Kieron Robertson

    Happy Birthday Paul! All the very best and many happy returns. From Durban, South Africa.

  38. Peter van Dijck

    Paul, many happy returns from the Netherlands.
    You are a great person and aan exceptional woodworker.

  39. Happy birthday Paul!

    Now, I have a hobby that makes me calm, happy more connected with nature, me and my own working. I do work on my balcony, but space is not an issue. I became a more relax person, and every video from you make me learn a little bit more. We are in time where automation, computers and tech are more important that manual labour

    I wish you all the best, and hopefully when you will be 80, you will do another paul sellers workbech, one the be next decade!

  40. From out in Santa Barbara California USA, Happy Birthday Paul!

    I’ve only been a follower for 3 years now but I greatly appreciate your ethic and what you and your team are doing.

  41. Paul
    Happy Birthday and All the Best for many more healthy years.
    I met you a number of years ago (NJ Woodworking Show) and actually brought my grandad’s Disston saw with me to show you. After joining the group I was able to clean it up and sharpen it with your expert help and have been using it regularly ever since (it sat in my garage for years doing nothing but gathering rust).
    I use both hand and power tools, but get my most pleasure from the hand tools. Because of you and another respected woodworker I have saved quite a bit of money not buying tools I do not necessarily require.
    I used to spend a lot of time in the UK when I was working and maybe some day return to possibly take one of your classes. However, with your manner your videos are like being right there with you.
    You and your support team have grown together and improved production each year and you are blessed to work along side your son, Joseph.
    Thank you for openly sharing your knowledge with your extended woodworking family and hopefully everyone in all walks of life will adopt your philosophy.
    Again, Happy Birthday!

  42. Happy Birthday Paul!
    All the best for many years in health and happiness!

    You have taught me a lot in woodworking which helps me a lot in my professional life as a church organ builder and in my private woodworking, thank you a lot!

    Greetings from Germany, keep on!


  43. Very Happy Birthday to You, may it be filled with all that you Love ?
    All the best from Anglesey UK

  44. Happy Birthday and Thank You for sharing your wisdom, stories, and wonderful take on woodworking with all off us!

  45. Happy birthday from Ireland Paul, I hope you enjoy many more, and realize the positive influence you’ve had on a lot of people days.
    I’m sure that I am speaking for all the amateur woodworkers here when I say we’d love to have you come over for a visit.

  46. Even though I may be your senior in years, I am still your apprentice in experience. Thank you and your crew for all the work you do to share with us.

  47. Happy Birthday Paul!!!
    Thank You for all you do. Your teaching has changed my woodworking forever and I love it more for it.

  48. Thanks for all you do, Paul. I wish I had access to teaching like yours when I was learning to work with wood.

  49. Jonathan Warren

    Many happy returns, Paul! And thanks to Joseph and the Team for the privilege of being included in your birthday video. I am indeed honoured.

  50. Happy Birthday, Paul, from Vancouver, Canada!

    You’re such an inspiration. It is clear from viewing the videos from around the world what a positive impact you are having on amateur woodworkers all over the planet. My shop, like so many in so many countries, is modelled after your ideas and skills. Thank you so much for sharing all your skills, ideas and designs. It means the world to so many of us.

    All the best,

    Gordon Clark

  51. Happy Birthday Paul! All the best and fulfillment of all desires!
    Sergey from Moscow, Russia.

  52. Happy birthday, Paul, from a 78-year old woodworker who still appreciates what you have to teach. I attended a birthday party for a 90-year old friend last night, so at 70 you’re not old, still just a kid.

  53. Kathleen Basiewicz

    Happy Birthday, Paul. You were my inspiration to turn a small lawn shed into my workshop. I have been a retired machinist for @ 10yrs, and now I can get back to working with my hands. I can’t tell you have fulfilling that is to me. At 69 it is amazing what I still can and can’t do with my hands. I hope that you have a great birthday with many more to come.

  54. Artur Darmofal

    Best wishes from Poland Paul. You encouraged developing my passion and I am extremely grateful. I still live in Corpo world but will get into full time woodworking soon and will promote hand craft here.

  55. Happy birthday Paul.
    The sharing of your experience has been a fresh perspective on a craft that has been a bit subjected to the anxiety of expectations and too many people saying their way is the only way. Thank you.

  56. Happy Birthday to a great human being and wonderful mentor!
    I have so enjoy following you and your work at Woodworking Masterclasses over the last few years, you have taught me so much.
    Thank you for that.
    Three cheers to you Paul, and Happy Birthday!

  57. Hello and Happy Birthday from Seattle. I thank you so much. I have learned SO much from you. I made your work bench and Love it, I use your sharpening methods, this has made using my # 4 and 5 planes a joy. I love using my sharp chisels and scrapers are amazing,
    Your passion for hand tools has overflowed and enriched my life.

    Thank you so much

  58. I see all your teachings from videos and writings feel as precious presents.
    Thank you for that, Paul!

    Happy birthday wishes from Morges (Switzerland).


    Happy birthday, Paul!
    You’re the one who changed our lives. I am sure I speak for everyone here. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do.

  60. Thousands of us have you to thank for teaching us how to make beautiful things.

    I’m a few years older than you, but agree with the sentiment that I don’t really feel the age. Part of that is because keeping active (and hand tool woodworking provides a lot of activity) and continuously learning (everyday, something new) contribute to a lifestyle that is not only satisfying, but healthy too.

    My most sincere gratitude for your enthusiasm in transferring your skills to those who want them. I’ve certainly gotten the best side of the deal in following your teaching.

    Thanks, and many many more happy birthdays!

  61. Happy birthday teacher, I wish you good health in the following years. Thank you for the way you bring your knowledge and experience through the screen to us. I appreciate your easy to understand explanations. You also express concern for young boys and girls not learning practical hand work at school. I support you in this and I am glad sløyd is still part of norwegian curriculum for youngsters.
    I’m looking forward to follow you in the years to come.

    Regards from Tore

  62. Greg Werner (USA)

    Surely God was pleased was pleased that Paul’s mother and father nourished him and raised him well.
    God was pleased when Paul Sellers picked up his first hand tool and started working.
    Surely God is please with Paul the teacher, in the crafts of the Son.

    Happiest of birthdays Paul – our current day teacher.

  63. Very, very Happy Birthday, Paul!!. I wish you all the best for you in this day, this year and for many years to come!!

  64. I first became aware of you because of your books and videos. Then I found you on You Tube and have been following you ever since. Thank you for being a very good teacher. Bellevue, WA, USA

  65. Peter Littlejohn

    Congratulations on reaching the milestone of your 70th Birthday Paul. You are inspiration to so many for your woodwork skills and promoting the mental well being doing this work is to us all. Cheers to you for your Birthday and for many more to come from Paraparaumu, New Zealand.

  66. Happy Birthday, Paul thanks for all the great examples, lessons and advice.

    I didn’t know it was your birthday, but I celebrated it anyway first in my shop and then in the local woodworking guild here in Greenville SC – building a guitar stand using the three basic joints 😉

    have learned a lot from you, and enjoy learning more every day- cheers, mate!

  67. Richard Garrow

    Paul, Happy Birthday I hope you had a wonderful day. You make each day in our lives a little easier with all the help with woodworking you provide. I look forward to your blogs, and the different projects you provide. I can only wish you a long and happy life Paul.
    Thanks to all the team members who helped put this together as well, it was great.

  68. Happy birthday Paul. I hope you have many more of them. You are such an excellent teacher and a fine human being. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Love from me❤️ and Monty?

  69. Happy Birthday from North Carolina, USA, Paul. Thanks, I have learned a lot from your videos and fine book. I try to use what I can and pass it on.

  70. Wishing you the very best, Paul. Although we’ve never met you have had a profoundly positive impact on my life with your excellent instruction. Thank you so much, from Pacific Grove, California, USA.

  71. Happy 70th birthday to you Paul from Manly beach New South Wales. You beat me to 70mby about a month and a half (mine in February).

    Only discovered you about 3 month ago and now I am absolutely welded to your Youtube videos.

    Love your delightfully low key and humorous way of exposing your deep deep well of knowledge to us poor timber tragics around the world

    Long may you continue.

    Please let me know if your future travel plans ever include Sydney

    Kind Regards.
    (And indeed affection)

    Mark Starling

  72. Happy Birthday Paul!!

    Thank you for opening up the world of wood working with hand tools for me.
    I came across your videos and the Masterclass site at the tender age of 60 and have enjoyed working wood with my hands for the last 3 years.

    Hope you had a great day and that you continue with your good health for many years to come.

    I wish you all the best,


  73. A very Happy Birthday to you sir,
    I have such gratitude for the many technics and experiences you’ve shared throughout the years you uploaded videos. In fact: I’ve just purchased a used Record No. 4 1/2 smoothing plane because; after seeing your videos, and; I love planing! Thanks to you. Many more to Come.

  74. Happy Birthday Paul,
    God bless you the next year!

    Your Blogs and Videos are so helpful for all woodworkers.

  75. Happy birthday Paul. You have certainly been an inspiration to me since I found your blog and videos, maybe around 2012? Not only in woodworking, but the way you have and do live your life. It’s like throwing a pebble in a pond, the ripples you have created will be felt for many many years. I’m very greatful for you and your team.

  76. Happy birthday Paul. Hope you had a great day yesterday. Thank you for all your work and teachings to help us along our woodworking path.

  77. Richard Kornicki

    Did ever a master-craftsman have so many faithful apprentices across so much of the globe? What I have learnt from you, I now teach my grandchildren – on the child-height double-sided work-bench I made them for Christmas. Happy Birthday! Ad multos annos!

  78. Happy Birthday Paul. Thanks for all your wonderful teaching and all the best for 2020.

  79. Sherry Petersen

    Best wishes on your birthday. I have you beat by 2 years and have just discovered your channel. Collecting tools now. You have mesmerized me by your calm style and depth of knowledge, a great gift to the world. Thank you!!!

  80. Hi Paul,

    Happy Birthday, and thank you very much for your lessons, I´ve learnt a lot.
    Best regards

  81. Paul,

    Happy 70th birthday to you from Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

    Love your videos!
    PS, Just started cleaning an old Stanley #80!
    PPS, Oh oh, I forgot. is it a bevel up or bevel down?

  82. Christopher Johnston

    A VERY VERY happy birthday and many happy returns paul . From ONE of your remote apprentices / All the best .

  83. Happy birthday Paul! You are a true inspiration for my son and myself. You’ve really helped us grow in our woodworking experience.

  84. Torbjörn Bäck

    Happy birthday Paul!
    Thank you for all your inspiration. I look forward to another year of learning more woodworking and building some new furniture. I wish you and your family all the best for the New Year!

  85. Marc-Andre Petit

    Happy birthday Mr Sellers! I wish you to stay in good health and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  86. Many happy returns Paul and a massive thank you. I’m currently building my workbench using your YouTube video series. Sometimes I can’t help but just stop and stair at it thinking I built this!!
    Thanks to you for all your generosity and hard work


  87. Happy Birthday Paul!! You are 6 months and 6 days ahead of me. I have a lot of catching up to do! Thank you for the renewed life of working with one’s hands!! What I can’t do I can at least watch and I thoroughly enjoy following your teaching!!

  88. A belated Happy Birthday to you Paul!
    Thank you for your wonderful on-line teaching.
    Best wishes,

  89. Happy Birthday from Ohio! And thankyou! I discovered you when trying to figure out how to sharpen a card scraper. Most expensive Youtube ever as I went on to Join Masterclasses and get the bug, adding to my hand tool collection many times. At 60 myself I believe I have found a grand way to keep myself busy, and release stress as I near retirement and beyound. You have provided a great venue to learn woodworking that I never had the opportunity for before.

  90. Johan Ferreira

    Hi Paul
    Rather late than never
    A very blessed birthday and thank you
    For being an inspiration
    Johan Ferreira, South Africa

  91. Edward Sevensky

    A belated Happy Birthday and a hearty “Thank You” for the energy and inspiration you pour into the informative blog posts and videos. I passed the septuagenarian milestone a year ago and am happy to welcome you to the Club!
    Best wishes for a healthy 2020; your generosity keeps all of us engaged in a wonderful craft.

  92. Happy birthday Paul,
    My 70th was New Years Day this year.
    I wish I had met you 50 years ago and followed you for all those years.
    Thank you for all the tutoring you have done for all your followers, and me.

    Topeka, Kansas

  93. Happy 70th Birthday Paul. I recently turned 85 and through your inspiration I am still doing some woodworking. Morry

  94. Fernando Cela Pinto

    Happy birthday, Paul!
    Best wishes and joy of living for many, many years.
    Thank you for your generosity and support, especially to the novice woodworkers.
    Best regards,

    Fernando Cela Pinto
    From Brazil

  95. Happy Birthday Paul!!
    You catching up to me, I have been 70 for 3 years now and treasured everything I have learned from you!

  96. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL. Thank you for starting me on this hand tool journey. We met at the school you started in NY in the states. I recently retired from the Post Office and can now really commit some time to making all of your projects plus some I’ve designed myself.
    I remember the add for your dvd course and thinking that it’s amazing what this man is doing with simple hand tools. NO noise from the router or table saw and with such precision.
    You Are The Man
    Scott Smith from New Jersey

    1. I remember you most vividly, Scott. You’re also in my photo archives.Thank you for your kindness.

  97. Happy Birthday, Paul!
    Three years ago I was very much struggling to get my feet on the ground after my wife and I made a rather life-changing choice together. I found your youtube channel after restoring an old bureau wanting to keep working with wood. Your instruction helped me to get my bearings and recognize so much about who I am – husband, father, Christian, environmental steward,
    craftsman, baker, artist. I now get into my garage every chance I get to work on my scaled down “Paul Sellers Work Bench”. I regularly reference your tool guides on common woodworking and have found many projects on WWMC that I have either started or plan to begin following the completion of the workbench. Thank you for choosing to share your skill and love of hand tool wood working with all of us around the world. And may God grant you many MORE years!
    Cheers from Los Angeles, CA, USA.

  98. Ulrich Fessler

    Hello Paul,
    I wish you a happy birthday. I thank you for the lessons I learned from you. I wish you health and a happy future.

    kindlly regards


  99. A belated Happy Birthday Paul and wishing you many more to come. Thanks for your splendid videos. Ten years ago your video “How to Make Flat Boards Straight, Smooth, and Square” changed my wood working forever. The power “tools”/machines now gather dust in the basement, and I still have the once warped, twisted, cupped piece of 2 x 6 I plane’d 4-square after watching your video.

  100. Eugene Doherty

    Happy Birthday Paul, many thanks for all the invaluable YouTube tips, I have been trying to do woodwork for the last 40 years and only got the hang of it in the last few years since discovering your videos, now it’s easy!

  101. Thank You Paul and Happy Birthday! I look forward to many more years learning from you.

  102. A Belated Happy Birthday Paul!!

    Thank you for being a teacher, humanist, and philosopher – May you enjoy many more years bringing your message and knowledge to all of us, both your present and future “on line” students


  103. Happy Birthday Paul, you are unequivocally globally beloved and much treasured person. Words cannot express the gratitude felt for the shared knowledge, instruction and inspiration that you have provided.

    You’ll never know the extent that it has changed my life for the better, and helped see me through some rather difficult times coping with my Wife’s many challenges with Parkinson’s Disease. God bless and may you have many, many more Birthday celebrations to come.

  104. Happy Birthday Paul, a little late due to being off line but nevertheless heartfelt.

  105. Happiest of days, Paul. I would write something of my heartfelt gratitude (from deepest, darkest Atlanta, GA) to you and all your team, but it looks that that’s been covered by many others and I’ve gotta get back to the woodshop to carry on with yet another of the projects you’ve inspired me to build. You may have a few years on me, but a lifetime of practice, so I have a lot of catching up to do!

  106. Happy belated birthday from Denville,NJ. Your teaching is much appreciated and has changed my woodworking hobby. Thank you.

  107. Dennis J. Quigley

    Happy birthday Paul,
    You young whippersnapper, I’m about two years minus a week ahead of you.

  108. Gracias por su dedicación gracias por su atención lo felicito es usted un hombre ejemplo gracias a usted tengo una nueva ilusión en la vida gracias de nuevo y feliz cumpleaños saludos desde mexico

  109. Happy birthday from my garage on Long Island! Thank you for rekindling my love of woodwork and hand tools.
    You are an inspiration, a great teacher and a fine craftsman.
    Best wishes,

  110. Happy birthday Paul! I wish you many years to come. Good health and good spirits!! Enjoy !

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