Breakfast or Lunch Today!

I make no apology for this my friends. Lots of lonely people self-cooking and lots of diabetics needing lower carbs than others. I have cooked many a breakfast during the lockdown periods and this is I put together and so it is one of mine. I adjusted things to suit me because I mostly wanted a low-carb cooked breakfast in about fifteen minutes. I am insulin dependent so once I have taken my shot I am ready to go and then, also, I do a one hour bike ride following eating. I have several breakfasts you might like. You don’t need to be diabetic to enjoy these but here is the first.

Oh! Why no apology? My whole life is lifestyle. What you see here is the real me. Work, play, eating and living in general. There’s plenty of woodworking put out by myself and the team. Over the lockdown, I felt it was important not to gain weight so I lost some. 17 lbs in fact, that’s in real money. In metric that’s 7.71 kg. I hit my goal 6 weeks ago in 2 1/2 months and was never hungry. My blood sugars average 6.8. My belly’s gone!

Also! I am fully engaged with the houseful of furniture too. designs are rolling around everywhere in my brain and the first evidence will be here soon.

Paul’s Breakfast Recipes

Quick Not-at-all Welsh Rarebit


100grams grated mature cheddar cheese

2 pinches of salt

2 tbsp milk or beer 

2 tbsp Worcester sauce

1 tbsp Mustard

1 large egg

2 tbsp olive oil

1 slice wholemeal bread

A sliced tomato (optional)


Heat the oil on a medium-high heat in an omelette pan

Toast the bread both sides

Remove a tbsp of the grated cheese and set aside for grilling later

Whisk the egg, milk and salt with a fork and then add the other ingredients and combine

Add the mix to the omelette pan and stir continually on a medium heat to cook throughout

The mix will thicken but remain lightly fluid

Place the toast on a cooking sheet

Place the sliced tomato on the toast

Add the mix evenly over the whole

Sprinkle on the grated cheese

Grill until golden brown. About five minutes usually.

Serve hot!

Oh! 16 carbs in this one, but depends on the bread you have!

59 thoughts on “Breakfast or Lunch Today!”

      1. For me it’s not a problem because I burn carbs with exercise and working manually. I cannot work with less than 20 carbs for breakfast and my blood sugars remain around 6.5.

        1. Hi Paul,
          20 carbs? As you know that’s fine even without insulin. I’ve been instructed by my nurse practitioner up to 30 carbs and I need no insulin. On top of that exercise after eating and there’s no problem. Keep safe, keep well.

          Chris Perry.

  1. Going to try this one. Wife is vegan so I’ll have to sneak in some ingredients. LOL. I’ll probably try each of your recipes.
    Thanks, Paul.

  2. Russell finley

    Looks lovely ….. but when you say mustard , I’m guessing it’s not my usual hot English mustard but that yellow American style one ? Thanks .

  3. Interesting, not like anything i have ever eaten. But i like trying out new foods, thanks!

  4. I have to wonder, with your belly gone, how will this affect your spokeshave work on spoons and the like? We’ve heard you talk about the advantage of utilizing the “relaxed belly muscles” :-D.

    Great result on your weight loss Paul! I’m happy to see you’re staying healthy and taking good care of yourself, such an inspiration!

    1. Looks very goo, but when I try it, I’m doing one your way, and a second one with two bacon strips.
      Thanks, Paul

  5. Well done to you Paul on the weight lose, love the videos inspired me to get back into hand tool woodworking. Thank you and keep safe and well.


    Blushing bunny! Great breakfast. Where I am the mustard of choice would be Tierenteyn. Strong stuff!

  7. Peter Littlejohn

    How long before we see Paul’s next Book…..”Something Cooking on the Woodwork Bench” LOL

  8. WELSH RAREBIT! Had one when we visited Wales. I would have had 2 or 3 if I had known it was that good.

    1. Blind closed copy from John Besharian

      ” … and the beer I had for breakfast tasted good so I had one more for desert … “: -Kris Kristoferson, “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  9. Merlin W Phillips, Jr.

    Fabulous recipe, Than you! Reminded me of my Mother’s breakfasts 63 years ago.

  10. Paul, Looks like a great start to the day. I am following a similar plan of eating less and I’m amazed at how much more energy and gusto I now have.

  11. Godfrey Millinson

    Thank you Paul, great recipes, have always loved the Lea and Perrin’s sauce! Give the bottle a good shake before opening each time to get the full benefit !
    Used to have a smile because due to regulations they have to put best before dates on the bottle, where as it gets better the older it is. Dyson Perrin was a benefactor of the school I went to.

  12. The Paul Sellers Method of Food Preparation—set a Stanley #4 plane for a coarse cut and set it upside down on the kitchen counter. Now it can be used for slicing, just like a mandolin.

  13. Great minds think alike. I’ve done just the very same thing, Paul.
    I lost just a shade under 2 stone and lost that relaxed muscle I’d worked so hard to gain. I’m now flat belly, almost, and feeling a lot better for it. I can do more planing and sawing now without getting quite so hot and fatigued. Thanks for sharing, Paul and well done on reaching your goal. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos on youtube soon. Stay safe and well. 👍

  14. Anyone else noticed those neatly-sliced tomatoes? That must be a sharp knife.

    My kitchen knife lately has been squishing my tomatoes more than cutting them. About an hour ago after finishing doing the dishes, I took the knife to the workshop. Two minutes later I put the rather-sharp knife back in the kitchen drawer. Another priceless skill transferred by mr. Sellers. I wonder how many other people would just go out and buy a new knife instead, and how long it would stay sharp…

      1. We had a short break in a holiday let a few weeks ago and in the kitchen drawer there were no less than 6 full size chef knives all blunt. So blunt in fact I remarked one of my grandfather’s old sayings out loud ‘you could ride bareback to london on that’. They were all good makes too with your sabatier etc in there but all blunt and unusable. If only I’d put my little diamond paddle in my pocket before we left. Thanks Paul

        1. Probably caused by “Health and Safety” requirements for holiday lets … make sure your renters ‘cannot’ in any way hurt themselves. If they do, it’s on you and you will have to explain thyself to authorities. In triplicate and two languages of your choice. So you can pursue this ‘holiday let’ business of yours.

      2. John Besharian

        That would be greatly appreciated. An assortment of kitchen knives, from 3 1/2″ to 12″, as well as another assortment of hunting and fishing cutlery await your instructions.

  15. David K R Wood

    This food stuff is all well and good, but what about those of us who have no smell or taste. Cardboard and tomato sauce for me but that breakfast looks good.
    By the way, I lost my smell and taste through ops on my sinuses (6 in all) bought on by saw dust and not wearing a mask. Thus the reason for transitioning to hand tools

  16. Now, that must be delicious!
    Congrats on getting rid of your weight. Seven kilos is a lot.

    (Last time I lost so much, was when I was ‘slaving’ in a slaughterhouse for a month. [Not by my choice]; And a few years before that FEEDING THE MACHINE WITH WOOD & WORKING WITH MDF, and shoveling sawdust without protection, offcourse; amongst other things.[My choice, did NOT liked it]. Also one month, luckily.) Tough times for a Signmaker/Graphic Designer/Painter.
    So, that is one of the reasons I thank God that I have found You and your work, Paul. The Artist, working wood by hands (like my great grandfather). And also knows how to cook exquisite dish-es.
    I love everything that you are and what you do.
    Sorry for my archaic (or maybe more rusty) english, and many regards from Croatia.

  17. Paul, do you have any tricks to not feel hungry? That is my biggest challenge to weight loss.

    1. I’m sorry to say that Paul, but the saturated fat which can be found in eggs and cheese is the very source of the insulin resistance. I understand how strange that may sound, but that is based on the best available data. In short, our cells get so heavily saturated with fat that they cannot accept the carbohydrates. That’s why cells block the insulin – the key which opens the door for the carbohydrates.
      It is not the sugar we should be afraid of, but the source of it. There’s a huge difference between white flour and brown flour, between cookies and the same amount of sugar from fruits, between white rice and brown rice etc. Generally we should always go for whole(unprocessed) plant foods in every meal.

      1. No problem! Enjoy! I’m not afraid of sugar. I just don’t use it, and I have read the data you speak of. I eat whole foods and organic as much as is possible. I read and hear all about plant-based foods and so on and so on but prefer what I eat the way I eat it. My diet has enabled me to reduce and adjust my insulin to between 12-16 units split to twice a day so around 6 units a day — the lowest ever. And my average blood sugar is totally acceptable. That said, I am not a medical person and have no knowledge of what’s happening. I do know that individuals need to take charge of their diet and work with their health care providers to find the right balance. Oh, and I never eat anything but wholewheat bread. But…thanks for the input. Diet for everyone is of course all about balance.

    2. Joe,
      Protein is the key to not being hungry. Eat more of it and it staves off cravings.

  18. Thanks for sharing Paul, I am always on the look-out for a decent breakfast recipe. This looks great. It is the hardest meal for me to prepare.

  19. Roger Browning

    Very interesting! Now, when you get that drive through window done with the remodel and all, I’ll be stopping by. 😉

  20. The more I watch and read, the more I see your dedication to detail, self-control and restraint flow through your entire life. A true ‘lifestyle’ woodworker. Thanks for all you do!! I’m a big fan!

  21. I remember several months ago you mentioned you had received your left over Mesquite wood from a project in the States. Another student mentioned to you it is great for BBQing. You replied that you didn’t eat meat. Have you never BBQ’d vegetables? Fantastic! We used to make Shish Kabobs using shrimp or meat mostly. But we noticed we were all eating the veggies more, so now we make veggie kabobs. Cherry tomatoes, zucchini, pineapple, mushrooms and more.

  22. FBI Statistics state, that 97% of all kidnappings worldwide are skinny people…

    I’m not fat, I’m kidnap proof!

  23. mark leatherland

    I think that I’ve found that weight you lost Paul… I’ve been working on my relaxed muscle as an aid to my woodworking so sorry to hear that you lost this valuable asset. 😉

    Well done Paul. Good for you!

  24. 2 large boiled eggs on granary toast every morning, small pot full fat Greek yogurt with handful of berries for lunch, tea time fresh grilled chicken or pasta. Nothing after 6pm. I was 17 stone 3yrs ago now 14.5 !

    High fat low sugar that’s the way to do it!

  25. Hi Paul, I felt overwhelming sadness from your post. I said to my wife this gentle man needs a big hug. If we lived nearer to abingdon I would come round for chat over the fence.
    Take care
    Cheers mart

  26. Thanks for the recipe Paul… glad it’s nutritious for the times. When my Dad worked the night shift he would make this lunch for us…. We didn’t know what what was in it and we called it Dad’s Rabbit! He claimed it was a special dish back home in Wales…… even though none of us were from Wales. We were all from Scarborough……… not the English Scarborough…… the other one in Ontario Canada.

  27. Paul,
    Don’t know which I enjoy more- your woodworking wisdom or your recipes. Keep it up. Mario

  28. I signed up hoping to learn the finer art of carpentry. I m 82 years old and pre-diabetic ( average A1C 6.5 ). Just opened the first blog from Paul and what do I get. A BONUS! A recipe for breakfast low on carbs. What else is coming?

  29. Paul,
    Thanks for the recipe. I am anxious to try it and look forward to any more you have. Should be good on my sourdough bread.

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