Vlog #18 Went Up Today!

People often tell me not to do anything other than woodworking. You know, not have opinions, thoughts, musings and ponderings. They’re a bit dull because they want me to be like them, controlling!

I’m not a videographer because I don’t craft the videos, they are what they are. But the content is me. I don’t take my colleagues along because they will affect the environment to change the mood and I will feel conscious of their presence over the wildlife.

This vlog flits around a lot, but over the past six months I have had to wear many different hats to keep us in the saddle. I do hope that you will forgive my videography and get the heart of what i am excited about.

Best for now,
Paul S

You can catch up with all my other vlogs here.

23 thoughts on “Vlog #18 Went Up Today!”

    1. Thank you again Paul for more insight into your work and your life.
      I find it funny that you have created such GREAT balance in your life. I wonder though when you were younger if you did that or were even able to do that or if you felt pressured to doggedly work to keep food on the table etc. (meaning, if you felt you could break away from a project and take a ride or stop and watch the birds, etc. as one should)
      I know I still feel pressured to get more done than there seems to be time in a day or a week and not taking time to “stop and smell the flowers”!
      I reiterate the sentiment that you continue to share in blog posts or in VLOGS – my message for those who don’t want the personal insight; don’t listen. I am one (probably one of a 100 or a 1000 people) who enjoys these glimpses into our teacher’s life and thoughts. I also think it is interesting to see how and where the incubation of new ideas come from and where the relentless energy is restored.
      Finally, I too look forward to the books you publish. I am hopeful they are nicely bound to be used on the bench as well as good-looking on my woodworking book shelves!

    2. Thoroughly enjoy your videos. Its the content that attracts me. Could not care less about the quality of the videography! Thank you for reminding me how enjoyable woodworking is. Cheers. Alex

  1. Kerry Marchinko

    I’m sure there is lot’s of anticipation for your books to roll out, congratulations on the new set up. I really enjoy your nature segments, great example of balance. Thanks.

  2. I for one love your Vlogs. I like the nature, as i love to mountain bike to somewhere remote and do the same thing. I also like the calm nature of your voice, which is one reason i watch your videos and not those of people who sound like an Infomercial. And seeing the UK countryside, i enjoyed that when i was there but only saw a few locations . Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you for sharing with us – as a recent joiner, this is my first vblog I’ve seen, and it inspires me to check out the previous ones. I’d say the trips to the pond are well-earned respites from the hard work of organizing and cataloging your past, as well as continuing in creating the future with your hands and mind.

  4. Paul – you may or may not be aware of this but for the first time (with one of your youtube videos or vlogs) I got a banner ad splashed across my screen as I started to watch A little disturbingly it was for a machinery company who I won’t name here. Seems to be going against the ethos I’ve understood from your previous material?

      1. I hadn’t intended to imply that Paul might have had any choice in the type of ads. I’ve watched many of his YT videos over the years and this is the first time I’ve seen any ad at all. Perhaps YT have changed their policies?
        Anyway I flagged it up here in case Paul & Co were unaware.

  5. I haven’t followed your vlogs and videos but do read some of your writings on woodworking and tools (prefer to read it).

    So I looked and listened to todays vlog.

    Found myself skipping the woodworking bits to sit quietly in the country with you

    – of course it’s best to do this oneself as I do in the countryside or my large allotment garden (veg and fruit, with plenty of wildlife)

  6. Digital printing was my daily work once, now a long time ago. I presume u will be working hand in hand with the press supplier and using their paper, which means u get dust free and wrapped paper which runs with less stoppages and doesn’t curl as readily. If u are cutting your own stock it’s best to back cut the whole piece down to machine size, much as preparing wood, and store in a low humidity environment.

  7. Paul your attention to detail is unsurpassed! I have never heard anyone speak to hand sawing in the way that you bring it in to view/understanding.
    It is these small wood working points, that you place emphasis on, that bring to life hand wood working for me. Thank you.

  8. You remind me of my dad in all the best ways. You’re inspiring Paul. Never stop. If life demands you slow a little or adapt, but never stop giving yourself. You’re too wonderful to silence. Too talented and passionate to keep it inside… keep going.

  9. Really enjoyed the vlog, we’ve undoubtedly missed you too. Take no notice of the detractors, they have nothing to add but negativity and have forgotten that you don’t have to always agree with others to respect them and their views. The comments on Instagram yesterday were quite incredible at times and sadly showed much wilful ignorance to the plight of the natural world and the greed of mankind. I very much hope it doesn’t put you off sharing your thoughts. Keep going with the vlogs.

  10. Robert Sexsmith

    It is understandable that some people do think you should not talk about thing of interest to you.
    I think that it is a conversation that we mite have had if we where having a coffee or tea together.
    I have many people that talk to me about the health of what is happening to them. So much is the same every day as I get older.
    I enjoy you Blog as much as when you doing something.

  11. Paul, keep up the good work, it is good in this day and age to be able to meet some with good old honest values you are an inspiration. Thank you.

  12. Hi Paul always look forward to seeing you in your workshop I’ve learned so much watching how you hold the different tools and I use all your tipsI find myself thinking how would Paul do this it does help your blogs are great can’t wait for the next one

  13. The current craze for getting Married at First Sight throws up a weird topic quite often. The ladies always complain that the men do not show their feelings and have “Deep and Meaningful “conversations . That must be where you are going wrong Paul .

  14. One of the reasons that I look up to you, is that you rarely compromise your craft. You do the things that are right for you. You don’t change your methodology just to please other people. That, to me is one of the main reasons for your large following.

    It also must be said that your immense talents, along with your generosity and willingness to teach and share your stories with others also plays a huge role in your success, which is well earned.

    Thank you, Paul

  15. Paul, thanks. Enjoying what’s around us many cannot do nor understand. However, when their power fails, they are in a panic, turning to those who are comfortable with touching, seeing, smelling, and creating with one’s own hands. Enjoy your work. thanks jeff

  16. My father had the same discussion many times about the length of my hair when I was a youth trying to emulate the look of my favorite rock musicians. How I wish I was still able to grow a full head of hair!

    “Rock on” Paul and thanks for sharing your knowledge of woodworking with hand tools – it has become one of my favorite pass times (that and fly fishing) and helps to keep me in the moment.

  17. Do keep it up. Your instructional material certainly provides a higher density of information, but the vlogs provide a wonderful context to it all. I may not always have the time to indulge in them, but I have enjoyed what I have seen thus far.

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