Giving Away My Preston Router Plane!

This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been contacted, please keep an eye out for future giveaways.

I’m so happy to let you know that we just reached 500,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel! As a thank you, I will be giving away one of my rarest Router Planes to one lucky winner!

Visit to find out how you can enter!

This giveaway is open worldwide. T&C’s apply. The winner will be picked at random on Tuesday 11th May 2021 and contacted via email. For more information, T&C’s and our privacy policy, visit:

20 thoughts on “Giving Away My Preston Router Plane!”

  1. Vidar Fagerjord Harboe

    500.000. Half a million people! About 10% of the population of Norway!
    Good job, Paul & the team!

    I still remember the first iteration of the work bench videos, 8 years ago.
    How many work benches has been built based on the videos, I wonder!

    Hand tool users are certainly getting momentum nowadays. Your mission is not yet completed, Paul – but it will be. It will be. I am certain of it!

    I’ll do my part.

    1. David Timperley

      50,000 subscribers must mean your are doing some right, like you I have been working wood for over 50 years and we can all learn from each other. Great video’s Paul please keep going.

  2. Congratulations on such a huge fanbase, so many people taking your advise must be very rewarding.

  3. Richard Andersen

    While some other “video stars” like to make woodworking look fun, you make woodworking WORK.
    I think highly of your videos, and find it interesting how you do most of your planework with Records and Stanleys, i have rarely seen you pick up a “fancy” high dollar low angle, Lee Nielsen or Veritas . it boosts my spirit because the best i can afford is $5 garage sale Stanleys or a few planes i made myself. Also thanks for doing the saw sharpening videos. My $2 rusty dull junkers now are clean and outcut any “sharktooth” saw ive ever tried using.

  4. Congratulations Paul and team for this milestone! Well deserved as you mentor and teach those of us without one IRL. A router plane is my next planned purchase, crossing all my fingers/toes for that lovely Preston.

  5. Thank you Mr. Sellers, and congratulations. I often stop to appreciate the fact that I am learning hand wood working from Paul Sellers himself! This is too easily overlooked. Just a blink of an eye ago, I would have struggled to find a mentor. Probably would not have in all honesty.

    Thank you again, and may you continue to live a long and healthy life.

  6. Hamza Hussnain

    Love the way you explain things.! For any kind of surety in info all i do is just open up your videos.! Your work is like the how it should be done an all other techniques might seems valid also but not patent as much as yours .! Congratulations on you hard work reward.! 🥳 may you go leaps and bounds ahead.! Stay health stay safe.

  7. Congrats for the 500k!!! You are a great person and one of a kind teacher!!!! Your influence is much beyond 500k!!!!

    1. Harel makes a good point Paul; your influence has extended much beyond half a million; each person you teach often passes this information on to others, sometimes many others as in the case of man sheds and maker labs.

      Your practical experience, down to earth approach, clear explanation and use of tools available to the common man or woman is a winning formula!

      Long may you practice your religion!

  8. Yohann Misquitta

    Congrats on getting to 500K!! It’s well-deserved. You are an excellent teacher from whom I have learned so much. You got me started on woodworking and I am now making things I would never have dreamed of a couple of years ago.

    I received your ‘Working Wood 1&2’ book a few days ago. It is an excellent book, and complements the YT videos on the projects really well. Thanks so much!

  9. Congratulations Paul, quite an accomplishment.
    Your true gift I believe besides your pursuit of perfection is that you make what is truly work look like so much fun, I know I’m having a ball doing the work, so thanks

  10. Peter Littlejohn

    Hello Paul, Congratulations on reaching 500,000. I received your Woodworking 1&2 book last week. Many thanks for the speedy delivery. Looking and reading the few pages I have so far, I find it hard to believe that you can improve on what this book has to offer. In my eyes it is perfection “as is”. Both in presentation and explanation of the processes. What else would we expect from anything produced by you? I’m looking forward to the revised version when it becomes available.

  11. Wonderful Paul! So happy for you and equally happy for the 500k makers blessed by your thoughtful, gentle teaching and encouragement. Congratulations brother!

  12. Thank You Paul for all you do , I have learned so much from you and really enjoy how you teach

    Jim Kirkemo

  13. I would be very happy to have a Preston router and especially one coming from you. But one of your goal is to get the maximum people discovering and enjoying woodworking (by hand) without necessarily spending a fortune; so I will not participate. I am neither poor nor rich but I already have a Veritas one (although having two routers would be handy). I hope your giveaway will go to someone who could not easily afford one.

    1. Same here – opting out of participating since I already have a Veritas router plane and would prefer it go to someone who needs it. Heck, I think if I won Paul’s, I’d probably end up putting it in a display box before I defile it with my unskilled hands hahaha!

  14. William Reeder

    Might I make a suggestion for two changes to your entry form?

    First, when asking if I’d like to subscribe to your blog, add “I already am” as an option. I don’t need another subscription (your system probably de-duplicates so that won’t happen) and don’t want to be removed.

    Second, when asking if I’d like the introductory articles, add “I already got them” as an option, or, if the form is fancy enough, don’t ask the question if I’m already subscribed to the blog. It pained me to answer, “no” to this question because they are great. But you don’t need to send them again.

    Thanks for all you do, and congratulations for reaching the milestone.

  15. Congratulations Paul! The creative use of our minds is one of the two probably most powerful tools humanity will have in future (the other being intuition – a closely related one). Any craft allows us to access our creative mind and when it takes us into that space deep enough, we’re able to translate and apply the meaning we’re creating through that process into all areas of our lives. You’re doing much more for humanity than teaching how to build furniture. Please keep captivating us to find much needed inspiration. Many thanks Paul, much appreciated!

  16. Congratulations, half a million means you are still a relatively hidden treasure !

  17. What drives your success? Apart from the obvious viewer interest in woodworking, I think your truthfulness and honesty are the finest underlying qualities.

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