Thank you For My Birthday Wishes

There have been so many birthday wishes and I have kept reading them as they came in over the last 24 hours. It is overwhelming for me to think that you didn’t let my birthday pass without sending me a personal message and this is just to say a big Thank You! to each and every one of you for even thinking about me let alone messaging me.


  1. Paul: Here’s wishing a happy birthday belatedly. I really began following you in August 2020 and am I ever glad and happy I did. You have been a wealth of information that I draw on daily.

  2. Hello Paul,

    I hope that you had a wonderful 72nd Birthday! And thank you for all you do to help us that aspire to obtain a portion of your woodworking ability!


  3. Dear Paul, I wish you a belated Happy Birthday ! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. May Gods Blessings and Holy Angels be with you and your family.

  4. Happy belated birthday Paul. You are a true craftsman, a great teacher, and an inspiration to a new generation of lifestyle woodworkers.

    Austin, Texas

  5. Happy birthday master Sellers, it feels like we are the ones getting presents, with yet another year under our proverbial belts (benches?) of your tuition and insights.

    Thank you!

    All you give is truly humbling, and a treasure I cherish every time I grab a chisel 😊

    Touch wood there are yet a few more decades to go, filled with your wits and energy (which transpires even through the cameras) 😉

    Parabéns 🎉

  6. Happy bleated birthday Paul!
    I hope you had a wonderful day and received many gifts that bring as much joy and inspiration to you as the gifts you have given to all of us through you books and videos.

    Wishing you many more.

  7. Happy birthday, Paul!
    May the good Lord always be with you. Thank you whole-heartedly for everything you’ve taught me.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Sellers. I thoroughly enjoy your videos. They have rekindled my thoughts of working wood by hand. Quite a few years back I made a living working for a family who sold refinished antiques. (Wishing to be a purist, I would actually call it repurposing antiques: stripping off the old finish, repairing sanding, staining and refinishing with a lacquer finish. The pieces were nice but I always wondered how they might have looked brand new without the years building to a near black covering.)
    It has been a delight to through of the chemicals and electric sander which had done my lung no favor and learn to move my focus from getting a throwing together a project as quickly as possible to a more micro approach of focusing on each step and making it a precise as I can. Thank you, Ray

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