The Question of Bench Heights

This question occurs often enough for me to want to help with. When I owned a walking cane manufactory, every medical organisation took the crease in the wrist as the ideal height for all people to determine the best length to cut the cane to when the person was standing upright. This generic formula worked well for […]

Jury still out on bench heights

From the populous comes more and more information leading to better understanding and greater levels of actual reality. Now that we have passed the 100 mark I would like to press anyone who didnt submit their details to help us with the survey toward better understanding of bench heights to help your fellow woodworkers and […]

The long and short of bench heights

Part of my preparation for the upcoming month-long class and other classes in the future is to install a taller bench than usual. I have already established that the premium height for a hand tool bench is 38”. This is not a mere opinion. I don’t altogether care find too much real value in opinions. […]

Plane Training – Bench Heights and More

  It’s an intriguing thing that theories often become established facts yet have only minimal research to back up the stats. I wanted to approach this thing called overhead planing today, hoping I could present an alternative perspective. Just another view really. Last year I did a survey  and polled our blog readers to get […]

Questions answered – more on benches and heights

Here is an email I received and it’s not the first but one of many along similar lines. I think I have answered them in past blogs but less specifically and so I thought that this blog might help other to understand what I feel about benches and heights and where I might rest my […]

The Paul Sellers’ vise-clamp system or…

…dogging the status quo One thing that I have noticed through the years is that America is a dog-loving nation, more so than even Britain and most European countries. Walk into an American workshop where woodworking takes place and you will see dogs on the bench top and in the sides and ends of benchtops. […]

Adding a flush bench stop

Over the weekend I installed a new bench stop to my workbench. We had these on the benches when I was a youngster and they worked well. I was glad to see they were still being made though and so I thought I might use one from time to time. They are quick and easy […]

How to Build a Workbench – Intro and Laminating the Tops (part1)

Making the Workbench with Paul Sellers This replicates my personal workbench, one I have used and preferred over all others for, well, actually, half a century. Let’s talk briefly about benches and specifically working workbenches and not images of what a bench should be. Anyone can build any bench type they like, regardless of whether […]

Pressing for Bench Height Info from YOU!!!

This question seems as though ot is going to be most helpful on a global scale. I would like to hear from our Aussie friends and our Austrian friends. This in Slovakia and Greece, Croatia, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Belgium and just about everywhere on the globe. I would like to start a collection of notes […]

George’s bench

It was an old bench, made of pine, too low for George on it’s original legs so he’d jacked it up to where it was tall enough for him but too tall for me. That was before I came on the scene. The bench was a good 8 feet long at least and two sided […]