What’s My Worth—Part I

I received four books for review this week. They got bogged down in the post and should have arrived 6 weeks ago. Glancing at the covers of a couple I can see the content will not be for fine furniture as such but more, alternative pieces using wood that’s basically secondhand be that shaped, square, […]


I’m sitting in the cafe thinking about all of the people I have nudged along this road I call real woodworking. They have come and gone and I expected them to eventually leave to do their own thing. Men do that. Go their own way, strike out, set up as what is now a disguise […]

My Week Passed

It’s been a good week overall. Special in some ways. I visited with my new granddaughter four times and it’s been so enjoyable getting to know her. I finished her first cot, the pine one that goes to my house, and will hopefully finish the second one for filming this coming week. That’s the oak […]

George Said, “Stand and Watch!”

It was a few days after I started that George began working on some oak boards that came from Jack the foreman joiner to be “Cleaned up!”. I wasn’t exactly sure what cleaned up was so I asked George how we cleaned them up. George said we had to wash them, “You know, with soap […]

Beyond George

The ever important element to my life was and has always been the constant moving forward in my craft. I read all that I could and went to where I needed to go to learn more. There was no world wide web and all mail was delivered by had through a letterbox. The library was […]

More Spokeshave Reality

I am never sure what to make of thick thin, hard, softer when it comes to plane irons and spokeshave blades. They have all worked for me through the decades but many reviews are biased one way or another depending on whether, hovering somewhere in the background, you actually derive income to some degree or […]

Co-op Wood Buying?

I tried buying some wood from an importer who once sold regularly to me and then said no more, too small, can’t tie up manpower for small buyers. It’s happened before. It was one just five miles away—convenient but obviously with no commitment or loyalty to it’s customers, Timbermet, so that’s not an option now. […]

Don’t Buy A Draper Spokeshave!

I feel bad. A year or two ago I said the Draper (UK) spokeshave would be more than adequate as a user spokeshave to begin woodworking with. Today I am forced to say do not buy a Draper spokeshave. We mentioned it on our tool buying guide for Common Woodworking in good faith because it […]

I Made My Workbench Drawer—Again!

We recently filmed the making of the workbench drawer as a follow up to the workbench build for YouTube (not out yet). It doesn’t take too long to make  a drawer but filming makes the wholly simple process much more complicated and it takes longer because of a variety of things. The thing is that […]

Workbench Apron Drawer…

…It’s On its Way (the YT Video) and You Shouldn’t Live and Work Without One! For a few weeks there I had to do that very thing with my new workbench. And I must say it was a strain for me because I have relied on one in all of my workbenches for decades now. […]