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Just Another Chair

Spindled chairs are not complex. Not really. In fact, though they mostly look it, they are truly simple. The chairs most predominantly used in public places relying on chairs for seating (taking out plastic ones of course) are mostly made of turned components. The reason of course is that they re surprisingly strong, easily jigged…

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Arriving Home From Home

Texas was so lovely. Mesquites gently jostling their frond-like leaves of light green seem innocent at first sight, unique, but hide the spear-point thorns the rancher mostly hates. Moving along serpentine back roads interconnecting on my route from Llano to Fredericksburg via The Willow City Loop was as stunning as ever. Fredericksburg’s Main Street is…

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A Snow Day With George

Yes, we Brits can be wimps. An inch or two of snow and snow stops everything. “The Beast From the East” headlines warn us for weeks of impending snow-and-ice doom and our resident media fear-mongers in smart suits and ivory towers continue to invent news rather than report it win out once more. One of…

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Value Added Worth By Work

Fixing up the bullnose plane didn’t take much at all. The pictures really help when buying via eBay and I usually scrutinise them. Notice on my old model how the nickel plating is now patchy with wear after 50 years in the using, well, by the time i depart this earth there’s a good chance…

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I Bought Another Bullnose Plane

A new Stanley #90 is a true treasure to own and its design is flawless. In my view the Stanley #90 bullnose plane, the one with depth adjustment, not the 90J, is a world best. I find the sloped nose gives better entry in awkward corners rather than the more blocky, squared off ones. It…

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A Wonderful Point

The thing that’s wrong with a blunt pencil is that you just can’t see the point in it. Here is a tool I recommend for anyone who likes sharp pencils all the time. Whereas I like and use a rotary pencil sharpener in the workshop, when i am out and about I found I had…

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Spend Time Drawing

Drawing, like many things, writing, craft work, woodworking, if you want to do it well, starts out as an interesting notion and then develops into a discipline. You can enter the portals of institutions and learn there or you can find some other way. All will be equally good. I draw for myself and mostly…

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Cutting Housing Dadoes—The Case for Small Routers

Hand routers come in a wide range of types and sizes, wood and metal ones work the same and there are advantages as always to wood on wood. You shouldn’t think that the ones with adjustable depth control or superior to the pinch-adjust types nor that metal routers are better than wooden ones. They each…

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Closing the Shop Doors

No matter where my workshop has been, grandiose castles and my own homestead workshops by my homes in Texas from the 80s through and well into the new millennia, there are few things that compare with putting out the shop lights, taking a last look inside, and catching a silhouetted glimpse as the last light…

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Devloping My Mortise Alignment Jig

Back in the dim and distant past I found myself struggling with an issue. I’d learned to chop mortise holes parallel to the outer face by rote repetition. With non-through mortises this can be difficult to get perfection in. In my teens I pretty much mastered the technique but most people don’t have what I…

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  • Landon Vaughn on Two OppositesGreat read! Thanks for you wisdom and all you do!
  • Jeremie G. Doiron on Two OppositesBravo! I love these musings. As always, your generosity in sharing wisdom is a spacial gift to those listening.
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