My First Day As a 15 Year Old Man

Ducking my way through the latch gate I knew nothing of what was on the other side, nothing. Crossing the high step was my first step into work life and a radically different lifestyle than anything I had ever known  or seen. It was a world of men and manliness. A world of former military […]

My Office and Workshop Garage…

…Melding the Worlds of Working Whereas I have most of the components, I still have yet to find time to build a display-case/book-case/desk/room-divider/rest-area as a place for me to retreat to. Most of my time is shared with everyone I work with but my age allows me a space of time to take a little […]

Today I Chopped 16 Mortise Holes

Yesterday I chopped 16 mortise holes again, together with the tenons to fill them. It was quite the full day for me, lots of support work in preparation, but I enjoyed the work as ever. But there was a time when I thought I never would get used to making mortise and tenons by hand. […]

My Next Project

I go to bed at night thinking about a wide range of things. Most of us do, I think. I usually read  before then, and by the time my head hits the pillow I’m usually asleep. When I wake the sun is just rising and I get up. By 7 I’ve left the house and […]

A Cane I Gave Away

Trying to evaluate the values in life is often tricky. In a Western culture where most things seem to be valued by its final cost, we seem to ever fall into the pit of evaluating worth by the cost of materials, the manufacturing costs, sales margins and then the ultimate value in the final sales. […]

My Garage Workshop Excites Me

It’s coming together. We have already filmed several videos and I’m adding the missing bits as we go. This week I have been building my shelves for the wall behind me whenever I had a free minute or two. It’s hard to workout why it’s called work. I have it together and now I am […]

I’m Writing Craft

Here’s a sentence on dovetails: “A dovetail is a single saw stroke away from becoming. I lift the saw, push the teeth into the wood and cut to the line stroke by stroke. Sawn granules fall from a hundred cutting teeth and the kerf parts off the waste as a dovetail emerges to receive its […]

Beyond Closed Doors—Oxford

Doors of Oxford I spent three days ferreting the streets of Oxford over the holidays. Stayed in a nice hotel so I could walk into the City and see it emptied of students and cars, a million bikes with cyclists on and such. I’ve never seen the streets so emptied so I actually walked down […]

First Episode of My Workbench Online Today

Yup! Here it is. It seemed a long time coming but drawings, cutting list and episode one just went out and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did and that you will indeed let me know your progress. So here you can make your own and follow exact instructions as you watch […]

The Perfect Mortise and Tenon System

Frame Joinery Press Release Over the years, more than two decades now, I’ve been encouraging woodworkers to adopt a method for perfecting tenons using the extraordinary adaptation of an otherwise ordinary hand tool. It’s not new anymore, but in the beginning, back in the late 1980s, it was quite new and not usual in any […]