Robert Sorby chisels compete with the best

  Sorby chisels cover the spectrum I think many people feel the same way I do and that is that plastic handled chisels work well and will equal the performance of some of the most expensive chisels produced. I try to present tools of value that are suited to task first, affordable and comfortable to […]

Questions on chisels – Japanese, Western?

  Hi Paul,  I have been doing a lot of reading recently and trying to find tools. I have been looking for chisels and recently stumbled across Japanese chisels and was curious as to what you thought on those vs western chisels?  Thanks for any help Adam Answer: Well, much of what we woodworking apprentices […]

Buying good tools cheap – Starter Chisels UK

  There was a time when imported tools were both cheap to buy and cheap in quality, which of course isn’t cheap but false economy. In the sixties we in the UK were flooded with low grade products from the the German Democratic Republic, Japan, India, China’s Hong Kong and others. Those days are long […]

Aldi Supermarket Chisels are Here Again

Aldi’s four-chisel sets are out today I was shocked four years ago when I first picked up and fettled a set of four bevel-edged chisels from the supermarket chain Aldi. So good were their Aldi- brand Workzone chisels that we equipped the school with a set and we’ve been using them ever since. Hardwood handles […]

A Bevy O’ Octagonal Chisels

More Thoughts About Chisels. Someone asked me if dovetail chisels sold in pairs for left and right hand use are worth owning. A few years ago I bought some new old stock 3/8” bevel edged chisels with London-pattern boxwood handles from a jobber friend of mine for $2 each at a US woodworking show. I […]

A UK Chisel I Like

  Bench-tested Chisel Test  People ask me about a chisel I might like—one I consider recommendable as a chisel  made to last and then with qualities developed for refined work. The question is common enough and of course I like especially to steer new woodworkers toward a chisel I’ve tested well and not just once at the workbench because […]

Which Chisels Should You Buy?

  In the past this would be an easy question to answer. Stanley, Record, Marples, Ward and a dozen more. Not so today. Most of them are not made in the UK and those that are may not wear or fare as well as the imported counterparts anyway.   This question came up twice in […]

Irwin chisels not the same as Marples of old

Just to wise you up to unscrupulous eBay tool dealers. For some time I have noticed dealers selling under the name Marples bluechip chisels and using an old Marples image to give the impression they are in fact selling the old Sheffield-made bluechips which were good chisels. When you go to the actual page to view the […]

Why Socketed Chisels Turn Loose

Several of you have emailed to ask about your socketed chisels made by Stanley and Lie Nielsen, what I feel about them and why the handles come loose from the steel sockets. First of all, the early Stanley models were are good chisels made with good steel and wood. Everything that Lie Nielsen makes is […]

Lidl Sells the Aldi Chisels Now Too

I did get two sets of the Llidl chisels, 8, 13, 18 and 24mm, and used them in the demonstrations I did today for the students. They are indeed one and the same as the Aldi set and they take and keep the same keen edge that parallel or exceed the best chisel sets available […]