Another Unbandsaw Box

So what makes them bandsaw boxes? Nothing! Other than they magnetise perfectly with the bandsaw and accessibly useful tools. Of course they will work for other tools too. I made a couple of bandsawn box trays using the bandsaw and then one identical to those using only hand tools. They take nothing to make by […]

Now Then…

…A Bandsaw Box Tray By Hand… I did the bandsaw box tray exercise to fly in the face of the man who said, “I don’t mind you using a bandsaw in your videos so long as you don’t make another of those bandsaw boxes!” Today I made one by hand minus the bandsaw because I […]

An Exercise Project For the Bandsaw

  Someone said, “I don’t mind you using a bandsaw in your videos so long as you don’t make another of those bandsaw boxes!”, so I did. Hannah had brought me a wire metal version of a magnetic container intended for a fridge and I liked its usefulness for keeping wrenches like spanners and Allen […]

My Week Passed

It’s been a good week overall. Special in some ways. I visited with my new granddaughter four times and it’s been so enjoyable getting to know her. I finished her first cot, the pine one that goes to my house, and will hopefully finish the second one for filming this coming week. That’s the oak […]

There Was a Time…

…Once upon a time… …when I looked back to an era knowing that hand planes and saws, chisels, draw knives, braces, things such as that, were more artistically and creatively created by what might have been called artificers using their hands to make, I was pulled into thinking to myself, ‘What happened?‘. Fact is, that […]

Cognitive Feedback

Woodworking by hand is purely sensory. I read someone who said he bought chisels in and used them as his “beaters”. Shameful! Such careless statements sadden me because though I know what people mean and where they’re coming from, it’s a highly disrespectful way of referring to what was indeed a violent act. I’m not […]

Metal-cast Rarity Planes and Uniqueness

I’ve gathered some tools to my bosom over the years. Special ones in some cases, some simply beautiful in art form and then those that will never be made again. Some are more rare than good looking or even particularly old. I do like the rarer ones though. I’m not interested in collecting for collecting’s […]

Monday Begins My New Week

Lots to tell No doubt about it, people did like my last week’s Vlog. Over 30,000 views in under three days, 2.5K likes and over 500 comments in the same time all gave me food for thought, but more than that it gave me valuable and valid feedback on my efforts. The week before last […]

Workbench Drawer

I slide the drawer open in my workbench. I do it a hundred times a day I’m sure. Once a month something I’m working on or holding in my vise gets in the way and stops me opening it. Once in 2,400 openings is not a problem yet others say it is. These others also […]

Flexing Your Muscle Power

Someone told me I had to get an impact driver. It was silly really, I felt. He didn’t know me at all. He didn’t know my financial circumstance. He didn’t understand me. He couldn’t know I didn’t want one because he would only be able to see his own perspective. More importantly he couldn’t see […]