Cot’s Coming Close to the End

Today I was fully in the saddle to almost close out the baby cot project I’ve been working on. It went particularly well and the end result will indeed be the sturdiest take apart, knock-down, almost flat pack cot in existence. The fasteners facilitate taking a large rectangle of frames and panels apart into five […]

Paul’s Shortest Ever Blog!!!!

                                          Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the USA!                                                   […]

Metal-cast Rarity Planes and Uniqueness

I’ve gathered some tools to my bosom over the years. Special ones in some cases, some simply beautiful in art form and then those that will never be made again. Some are more rare than good looking or even particularly old. I do like the rarer ones though. I’m not interested in collecting for collecting’s […]

George Took the Blame

George laughed as we lifted the massive frame from the bench to flip it over for planing the joint line levels. We’d done this many times with smaller frames, no problems, but this time I felt the contortion in my face expressing the reality that this was different, it was just too heavy for me. […]

Today a New Project

It starts with a prompt;  a kind of nudge from someone I don’t know, never met, never heard of who made something for his home–his family to use–to dry clothes or air them after ironing. This someone made something decades ago and its useful but not nice looking. I see its potential beyond its bare […]

The True Mechanic’s Workbench

Hannah repurposed one of my old workbenches to fit into a shed for motorbike repairs. Probably more work than building from new but the wood was free and the practice good for her. Watching her move through the work with such confidence showed the progress she’s made over the last couple of years. Even in […]

A Wonderful Point

The thing that’s wrong with a blunt pencil is that you just can’t see the point in it. Here is a tool I recommend for anyone who likes sharp pencils all the time. Whereas I like and use a rotary pencil sharpener in the workshop, when i am out and about I found I had […]

Turning Turning Action!

I’ve been turning door knobs for cabinets on and off for forty-five years to date. That’s what I did yesterday and a little over the weekend. It’s a useful skill for a furniture maker of course, so I learned fairly early on in my working. Handy to have a stock of door knobs in and […]

Cutting Housing Dadoes—The Case for Small Routers

Hand routers come in a wide range of types and sizes, wood and metal ones work the same and there are advantages as always to wood on wood. You shouldn’t think that the ones with adjustable depth control or superior to the pinch-adjust types nor that metal routers are better than wooden ones. They each […]

More Than a Blanket Chest

It’s been a struggle. Rough sawn boards of sycamore and maple, thick sections ripped for legs by hand and then shaped with spokeshaves with scarcely room in my workshop to move. The truth is, though, the result of working through difficulties and challenges thrilled me. The fact that I wasn’t looking for an easy path […]