George Said, “Stand and Watch!”

It was a few days after I started that George began working on some oak boards that came from Jack the foreman joiner to be “Cleaned up!”. I wasn’t exactly sure what cleaned up was so I asked George how we cleaned them up. George said we had to wash them, “You know, with soap […]

Design and Technology Teacher?

I would like to talk to an experienced Design and Technology teacher living and working here in the UK for a few minutes. Ideally two, one male and one female. If that’s you, please leave a comment which automatically gives me your email and I will email you in private. Thanks, Paul

Not All Planes Are Created Equal

It’s hard to say how many planes I’ve taken from rubbish-looking to fully operational models. Hundreds, I know. Unlike the modern day clones of Bed Rocks, where they are all equally well engineered and perhaps, dare I say much less characterful than their Bailey-pattern counterparts, each basic and feisty Bailey-pattern bench plane as in the […]

Time For Another Giveaway

Yep! Launched it yesterday so please join in and follow the link below if you want to enter my latest giveaway. Thank you all for your continuing support and for taking us over the 300,000 subscriber mark on our YouTube Channel. I love that our woodworking community continues to grow and that we are able […]

Plane Speaking

I was 15. My plane arrived with Mr Cheapie, boxed in a Stanley orangey-yellow box with a dark green and white lable. At the bench Cheapie watched me unwrap the wax ed aper from the plane and checked I was happy with it. I paid him my week’s wage, £3.50 for that and a screwdriver […]

The True Mechanic’s Workbench

Hannah repurposed one of my old workbenches to fit into a shed for motorbike repairs. Probably more work than building from new but the wood was free and the practice good for her. Watching her move through the work with such confidence showed the progress she’s made over the last couple of years. Even in […]

A Wonderful Point

The thing that’s wrong with a blunt pencil is that you just can’t see the point in it. Here is a tool I recommend for anyone who likes sharp pencils all the time. Whereas I like and use a rotary pencil sharpener in the workshop, when i am out and about I found I had […]

Don’t Buy A Draper Spokeshave!

I feel bad. A year or two ago I said the Draper (UK) spokeshave would be more than adequate as a user spokeshave to begin woodworking with. Today I am forced to say do not buy a Draper spokeshave. We mentioned it on our tool buying guide for Common Woodworking in good faith because it […]

Today I Chopped 16 Mortise Holes

Yesterday I chopped 16 mortise holes again, together with the tenons to fill them. It was quite the full day for me, lots of support work in preparation, but I enjoyed the work as ever. But there was a time when I thought I never would get used to making mortise and tenons by hand. […]

Auriou Rasps

If you have yet to invest in a top quality rasp then buy the Auriou cabinet rasp; you will never regret it. All of their rasps are works of art and there is no substitute. But I just heard they were trying to raise funds to save their company from closing. This company needs us. […]