What’s My Worth—Part I

I received four books for review this week. They got bogged down in the post and should have arrived 6 weeks ago. Glancing at the covers of a couple I can see the content will not be for fine furniture as such but more, alternative pieces using wood that’s basically secondhand be that shaped, square, […]


I’m sitting in the cafe thinking about all of the people I have nudged along this road I call real woodworking. They have come and gone and I expected them to eventually leave to do their own thing. Men do that. Go their own way, strike out, set up as what is now a disguise […]

Another Unbandsaw Box

So what makes them bandsaw boxes? Nothing! Other than they magnetise perfectly with the bandsaw and accessibly useful tools. Of course they will work for other tools too. I made a couple of bandsawn box trays using the bandsaw and then one identical to those using only hand tools. They take nothing to make by […]

The Bandsaw and Me

I have put out an introduction to bandsaws video to help people who might seriously consider using a bandsaw. The reason is probably obvious but I have used one for five decades now and feel that owning will be helpful to others for a variety of reasons. I know it’s often said that I don’t […]

Purpose of a Stopped Housing Dado?

There are good but perhaps somewhat hidden reasons that we use stepped housing dadoes that may or may not be obvious, especially not to a new woodworker. Actually, many seasoned woodworkers are more likely not to know than know. There are three types used mostly and then variations on the theme that are scarcely used. […]

Dare To Dream!

It seems there are two ways to dream. One occurs in the sleep time, when you drift away in sleep and your mind is being reprogrammed naturally with no input from you and a dream of one kind or another, unique to you, takes place despite you. The other is the personal shift you take […]

This Week’s Vlog is Out

Stepping out of our own familiar comfort zone can be a challenge yet I have always encouraged everyone to do it so that they grown in pursuit of their passion. Well, I like my comfortable feeling with the things I am or have become familiar with, I hear. OK, this week it’s been Paul’s turn. […]

The Stanley 151 Spokeshave Works Great

I was a little surprised that the Stanley 151, red and black version, could still be had new. I’m not sure why but Stanley upped the anti with their most basic spokeshave. Following the poor work of Draper spokeshave I asked Izzy to buy in a new Stanley. People new to woodworking need a good […]

Destressing Your Bandsaw Ways

Many things influence the performance of your bandsaw and the outcome varies according to any one or many of those influences. The outcome is of course reflected in the quality of the cut left as the wood progresses into, along and through the cut. Identifying what causes poor cutting is often problematic because the variables […]

Co-op Wood Buying?

I tried buying some wood from an importer who once sold regularly to me and then said no more, too small, can’t tie up manpower for small buyers. It’s happened before. It was one just five miles away—convenient but obviously with no commitment or loyalty to it’s customers, Timbermet, so that’s not an option now. […]