Workshop Tidy Up!

It’s one of my favourite times. Working through last week’s filming I ended up with a bout of conjunctivitis – both eyes bright red. With a week of very blurry vision I couldn’t really present so I took an enforced break resting my eyes as much as I could over five days. This week we […]

What Are You?

Perhaps I should say, “Who Are You? Periodically I wrestle with the terms adopted to describe a certain category of woodworking and then other crafts generally too. Somehow it’s an effort to slot people into a more suited category, you know, to match their skill sets. On the one hand you have professional and master […]

Plywood Workbench Episodes 2 & 3 out now

Today times are changing. People have questioned my using plywood for a lifelong workbench but believe me, plywood is a well proven material. I have total confidence that a well made plywood workbench will stand the test of time. Would you believe me if I tell you that Plyscrapers are currently under design in Japan […]

A Tool-Drawered Unit

At what point something becomes a chest I am not sure. Probably more than two drawers I seem to remember from my early days with George. I made this one well over two decades ago and now find it an indispensable place for my special tools and equipment. It’s one of those pieces where simplicity […]


When I think of the many thousands following this blog and the online work we do training through video, I have to say I do feel quite stunned. It’s no small thing that Joseph and I have brought about a training and teaching program for woodworkers and furniture makers that now reaches around the world. […]

My Plywood Workbench

There are some things to explain:Is Paul just trying to be different? Is he bending to pressures? Bending the rules? Well, no, I’ve never really bent to pressure unless I found myself flat wrong and I don’t do things just to please others either. My mind never stops looking, searching what surrounds me, looking at […]

A Vlog for Today

I thought that you might like to know my latest vlog is up on YouTube. I spent a little time going back to Stockport and my boyhood to look at what informed me back in the 1960s. I hope you enjoy it.

It’s All About Balance

It’s Saturday and my sixth day of work in my work week. For over 50 years I’ve worked a six day week making. By that I mean I’ve worked building everything from my homes and my furniture, chicken coops and splitting logs: mostly with my boys as they grew alongside me. I felt sad sitting […]

Why the Bandsaw?

Is a bandsaw something you would consider? It’s handy, but if you buy a bandsaw then why not buy all of the other machines? Aren’t they handy too? It is a valid enquiry. The reason I would not generally advocate the other machines is because the process of hand work has proven to be so […]

Designed Teaching for New Woodworkers

Question: Hi there, I recently came across your website and blog which looks full of really useful information and advice on woodworking. I just wondered if you have any recommendations for a beginner and what I should be focusing on at this stage? I was planning to try out some local courses where I can […]