What’s My Worth—Part I

I received four books for review this week. They got bogged down in the post and should have arrived 6 weeks ago. Glancing at the covers of a couple I can see the content will not be for fine furniture as such but more, alternative pieces using wood that’s basically secondhand be that shaped, square, […]

Cot’s Coming Close to the End

Today I was fully in the saddle to almost close out the baby cot project I’ve been working on. It went particularly well and the end result will indeed be the sturdiest take apart, knock-down, almost flat pack cot in existence. The fasteners facilitate taking a large rectangle of frames and panels apart into five […]


I’m sitting in the cafe thinking about all of the people I have nudged along this road I call real woodworking. They have come and gone and I expected them to eventually leave to do their own thing. Men do that. Go their own way, strike out, set up as what is now a disguise […]

My Week Passed

It’s been a good week overall. Special in some ways. I visited with my new granddaughter four times and it’s been so enjoyable getting to know her. I finished her first cot, the pine one that goes to my house, and will hopefully finish the second one for filming this coming week. That’s the oak […]

Sketching Makes Me look More..

…and Then I Understand More It’s true. I allowed myself ten minutes per sketch and then it was pen down. Sketching is my way of looking without spectating. I want to see the twists, flexes and locks that take place to the hand and whereas you can see that with a photo, often photos are […]

Behind My Lens I See Differently

I have been using cameras for five decades to date. I adopted digital photography fairly early on too. My first introduction to videography was in my being filmed by others and then it was the things that took a thousand words to explain that led me to use videos because even pictures rarely convey the […]

Dare To Dream!

It seems there are two ways to dream. One occurs in the sleep time, when you drift away in sleep and your mind is being reprogrammed naturally with no input from you and a dream of one kind or another, unique to you, takes place despite you. The other is the personal shift you take […]

Workbench Drawer

I slide the drawer open in my workbench. I do it a hundred times a day I’m sure. Once a month something I’m working on or holding in my vise gets in the way and stops me opening it. Once in 2,400 openings is not a problem yet others say it is. These others also […]

I Met Two Men Today

I spent the day with two woodworking teachers from Russia today. They came to meet me and ask questions on issues they felt passionate about. They took many answers and left questions. I saw the kind of penchant teachers often have that’s unique to teachers I think. They were passionate about woodworking and what they […]

Progress With George

George kept his plane upright on the bench, mine near his, his a Woden #4 1/2, mine a Stanley #4. One day he said, “Sharpen my plane!”  I was filled with fear and doubt to the point of freezing any and all movement including brain on the spot. I didn’t think about whether I could […]