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Box Making

How do you make a dovetail box? And a more complex box here: Keepsake or Keepsafe Box What is the...
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How do I make a chair? Paul covers a lot of the concepts involved in his series on making the...
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Project Progression

Which projects should I start with? As far as getting started with projects is concerned, I would suggest tackling them...
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Project/Stock Information

Board Feet We don’t give out the number of board feet required as it depends on the dimension of the...
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Projects for Children

What projects would you recommend to do with children? There are a number of projects we have produced that we...
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Stock/Material Choice

What do you look for when selecting your wood? Here are some things to consider when picking your wood. Picking...
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How do you fix table tops to the frame? Paul tends to use turnbuttons, which are screwed to the underside...
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How do you recommend upholstering chair seats? Where do you get your foam & leather? Paul discusses the leather and...
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