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Quick Links: How do I cut a dovetail? If you are a beginner, we recommend our sister site, Common Woodworking,...
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Edge Jointing

Edge Jointing How do I edge joint boards? We have made a few videos on edge jointing, which are available...
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Quick Links: How do you apply shellac? Here are a few videos we made on finishing projects with shellac. Finishing...
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Glue & Gluing

Quick Links: What kind of wood glue do you use? We generally use a wood suitable PVA. Which PVA do...
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Mortise and Tenon

Quick Links: How do you cut a mortise and tenon? Here are the blog posts on how Paul made his...
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Tool Restoration

Tool Restoration What do you do if your nickel plating has flaked off? Flaking is pretty common for nickel plating....
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Planing Techniques

Quick Links: I am struggling to get an even shaving/evenly thicknesses board. Why? People tend to bulldog the plane to the...
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How do you remove rust from tools? We almost always sand tools to remove rust and are happy with the...
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Stock Preparation

Should I cut my boards to size before or after I plane them flat and square? We usually cut boards...
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