Fly Swat Making—Watch the Intro Video

We make the best fly swat! The best fly swats are usually the cheapest looking made from lightweight plastic moulded onto coat-hanger wire for a flexible aerodynamic swish. Have you ever made a plastic fly swat like the ones sold? No,why would you? Now a nice leather version with wood and hand stitching, now that’s […]

Making the Toolbox – Skirting , Lock and Hinge Rails

Dovetailed Skirting and Lock and Hinge Rail Misnomered as Trim There is more to it than that. The skirting boards protect the box from damage or at least reduce the risk of main-box damage, that’s true, but it more importantly thickens up the base area corners to make for much increased structural stability and solidity […]

Making My Toolbox – Truing and Sizing My Wood

I’ll be making a couple of these toolboxes, one for this blog and the other for the filming. The methods will be about the same although there may be some variance if I see the need for some practical or necessary reason of improvement. To start with, in this blog I am using up a […]

Making Your Own Shellac From Scratch

Making shellac is a simple process whereby we dissolve the flakes of shellac we buy into 190-proof denatured alcohol which we either buy through license here in the UK or we use Methylated spirits, which is denatured alcohol with an added violet colouring and any of a number of other additives that make the Meths […]

Making My Bed – That Wonderful Point Called Glue-up

The new owner of the bed called and we talked about delivery in time for New Year’s eve. That saved me a couple of late nights and working Christmas day. It’s been a special week for me this week. Not sure why, but I think it’s because it’s been so quiet, relaxed and happy in […]

Making My Bed – The Colours and Textures Change

Contemplative dimensions of work remove me from earthly realms The past few days have changed from heavy joinery to more refined and defining work. I like the change of texture as I work and my senses shift their focus to the closeness and higher levels of exactness decorative features bring. The bed head and footboard […]

Filming the Cot Making

This week I made an oak baby’s cot, or at least I began making my granddaughter’s cot for when she arrives. It’s oak, only because I had saved some specially figured oak for something special and what could be more special than a new baby? I got the more complicated work completed so I felt […]

Making My Straightedge

Friday 10th February 2017 I made my first straightedge from oak, an offcut scrap but quarter-sawn nonetheless. That one’s still in the US somewhere. Today I use another made also from oak and yet another offcut scrap. Mostly I’ve kept them shorter than say four feet long because I have a spirit level that’s 122cm (48″) […]

The Mallet Making Video Is On YouTube

Here is the video we made on making my mallets. My old mallets follow a copied pattern I took from a true beauty I discovered in a box of tools I bought back in the 1970s. When I saw nestled amongst moulding planes and a couple of Norrises, it it just impacted me so much […]

Things in General – Making a Workbench at the Next Woodworking Shows

Workbench Series for Tampa Florida show. Making the Traditional Joiner’s Tool Box over the past few Woodworking Shows was totally successful educationally and aspirationally and so too were the occasions when I introduced how to make the Lone Star for our Lone Star following. Both will be good for the videoing in the upcoming series. […]