Spoon making – Carving out the bowl

Today I want to take two generally divided worlds of spoon making and unite them. Instead of seeing the axe-cut knife-cut spoon making as a splinter group from the world of woodland crafts, we engage them with other tools like the bow or frame saw, bevel-edged chisel, spokeshave, gouge and scraper; tools more generally associated […]

My Week Making and Filming Traditional Sawhorses

I’ve been working for years now to preserve the many things I took for granted as a boy. it started with taking in apprentices in the late 80s, which I still do and then holding classes for kids in the evenings and weekend through the 90s and on into the new millennia. I also taught […]

Making the Tool Box

I catch myself sometimes trying to imagine a day without making and momentary panic hangs for a split second. Some men I know couldn’t wait to retire to “get off the tools” and sell them. One day perhaps I will indeed need to stop and put mine away but not for a decade or two […]

Making the Paul Sellers’ Walking Cane

Having just concluded the final woodworkingmasterclasses on building the joiner’s tool chest we are about to start the new walking cane series and I admit that though part of my purpose is to help people perhaps start a business or add additional projects to their existing range of products. I also want to counter some […]

Making the Toolbox – Pare and Chop Dovetails and Pins

I said recently that using the coping saw is less acceptable for removing waste from tails and pins and that I felt it was less the way of the craftsman. I see it much the same way I see it when woodworkers ask if I ever gang up the dovetails to cut four at once […]

Making My Toolbox – Truing and Sizing My Wood

I’ll be making a couple of these toolboxes, one for this blog and the other for the filming. The methods will be about the same although there may be some variance if I see the need for some practical or necessary reason of improvement. To start with, in this blog I am using up a […]

Making the Toolbox – Skirting , Lock and Hinge Rails

Dovetailed Skirting and Lock and Hinge Rail Misnomered as Trim There is more to it than that. The skirting boards protect the box from damage or at least reduce the risk of main-box damage, that’s true, but it more importantly thickens up the base area corners to make for much increased structural stability and solidity […]

Making My Toolbox – Coping With Dovetails

Cutting the dovetails and coping saw usage It’s not the best way, using a coping saw or a fret saw, but it can speed up the operation if you are in a hurry or making a beehive. On finer joinery it’s not really accepted. That said, a tool box of this type would not generally […]

Making My Toolbox – Laying Out the Dovetails

I glued up my toolbox build yesterday afternoon before I left the Penrhyn Castle workshop for home. Multiple dovetails demand your full attention and of course you must drive yourself so as not to procrastinate and so fail to set the tails home into the glued recesses. Dismantling the original toolbox we’re copying is still an […]

Filming the Toolbox Making Videos

Working on the toolbox build Yesterday and today we filmed making the toolbox for the start to the New Year series to start 2015 with. I have a feeling that this could be as popular a series as any we have done so far and as far as conservation goes it’s important to me as it means hundreds […]