Making My Straightedge

Friday 10th February 2017 I made my first straightedge from oak, an offcut scrap but quarter-sawn nonetheless. That one’s still in the US somewhere. Today I use another made also from oak and yet another offcut scrap. Mostly I’ve kept them shorter than say four feet long because I have a spirit level that’s 122cm (48″) […]

The Mallet Making Video Is On YouTube

Here is the video we made on making my mallets. My old mallets follow a copied pattern I took from a true beauty I discovered in a box of tools I bought back in the 1970s. When I saw nestled amongst moulding planes and a couple of Norrises, it it just impacted me so much […]

Spoon making from the log first I think

More tools Bow or coping saw Bow saws can be used throughout shaping spoon blanks they are general safe to use. Someone once baited me in front of a large audience of woodworkers asking me what the main difference was between a powered saw and a handsaw. I said that the main difference for me […]

Things in General – Making a Workbench at the Next Woodworking Shows

Workbench Series for Tampa Florida show. Making the Traditional Joiner’s Tool Box over the past few Woodworking Shows was totally successful educationally and aspirationally and so too were the occasions when I introduced how to make the Lone Star for our Lone Star following. Both will be good for the videoing in the upcoming series. […]

Making My Tool Organiser

I enjoyed building this two or more decades ago. I’ve enjoyed using it. I’ve enjoyed the organisation it’s brought to my work but, making yet another, what I have enjoyed is that it’s perfect for teaching the basics of carcass construction including drawer making. It was never intended as a teaching project when I made […]

Making My Toolbox – Coping With Dovetails

Cutting the dovetails and coping saw usage It’s not the best way, using a coping saw or a fret saw, but it can speed up the operation if you are in a hurry or making a beehive. On finer joinery it’s not really accepted. That said, a tool box of this type would not generally […]

Spoon making – Laying out for the first cuts

You may or may not reach a point where you can free-hand a spoon shape straight from the tool. This is not difficult if you can, if you can’t, it can be extremely difficult. It makes little different to the spoon maker in his own home workshop. At shows it often becomes a place to […]

Spoon, spoon making and how we can make them

 Starting out on your own? Start out with spoons A few weeks ago in Penrhyn Castle I split some logs for some spoons. Phil the gardener and groundsman saves culls and limbs for firewood and lets me go through his massive pile when I need something, but I also disappear into the woods on my […]

YouTube on Spoon Making at the Bench – Real Woodworking

The recent blog I did on making spoons at the bench hybridising woodcraft with bench-craft is now watchable on YouTube. I enjoyed doing this video and the previous one on making spoons with the axe and knife. I still used an axe for some of the work but showed a variety of different techniques many […]

Filming the Toolbox Making Videos

Working on the toolbox build Yesterday and today we filmed making the toolbox for the start to the New Year series to start 2015 with. I have a feeling that this could be as popular a series as any we have done so far and as far as conservation goes it’s important to me as it means hundreds […]