Making My Bed – Massive Tenons

The first frame for the foot board came together today and I was reminded of times past when I made field gates. What we call five-bar gates here in Britain. These gates are made from Oak and last about 50 years. This bed will not have weather to deal with and so it should last […]

Making My Bed and Other Stuff

The wind storms that hit Britain this past 7 days peaked overnight here in my county at 95 knots (109 miles per hour), which takes it from gale force well into the hurricane level if my schooling memory is correct. The damage is not too extensive because Wales and high winds are synonymous with well […]

Making My Bed – The Colours and Textures Change

Contemplative dimensions of work remove me from earthly realms The past few days have changed from heavy joinery to more refined and defining work. I like the change of texture as I work and my senses shift their focus to the closeness and higher levels of exactness decorative features bring. The bed head and footboard […]

Making My Bed – Planes for Planing Larger Tenons

I spent yet another day working against time but relaxed in my work. The pieces are slowly but surely coming together and I feel the contentment as each joints seats against its shouldered tenons. I find myself singing different songs and then stopping to stare at the shavings in ebony, oak and Sapele. I love […]

Making My Bed – That Wonderful Point Called Glue-up

The new owner of the bed called and we talked about delivery in time for New Year’s eve. That saved me a couple of late nights and working Christmas day. It’s been a special week for me this week. Not sure why, but I think it’s because it’s been so quiet, relaxed and happy in […]

Making My Bed – Footboard Palings in Place

Friday 14th December 2013 I just got the footboard together before I left Penrhyn Castle dead on 5pm. The day, the week, went well and I spent most of my time on the mortise and tenons, planing wood and restoring an older bandsaw I bought on eBay two months ago. The time seemed to pass […]

Making My Bed – Palings Next

I think that I cut the mortises in 2 minutes because they are not deep. Only half an inch or so. Chopping mortises, I drift into thoughts of different things, people I know and hopes I have for future woodworkers. I hope these future woodworkers will pursue the lifestyle of woodworking and do it as […]

Making My Bed

I worked all day on the bed and made good progress. The large mortise holes in the footboard are done and I started the tenons and fitted the first one mid afternoon. These mortise and tenons are quite big for furniture at 3/4″, but they cut quickly and I had them done in quick time. […]

Making My Bed & QR Vises With Grip

My head and footboard look good as a pair at last and tomorrow the cloudlifts will complete them. It was interesting as I worked yesterday, working through the the final finessing and clean up, putting my tools up and sharpening them for the close-out, sweeping off the bench for what I calculate conservatively is the […]