An old Groves saw rescued

I went to the car boot sale at Llandygai where I live and found this old tenon saw. It’s one made by R Groves & Sons and though I have larger and smaller versions by this quality maker dating from the 1770’s, this one is not a 14” but a shorter 12” and a size […]

Sharpening chisels—forget weaker micro bevels

Sharpening chisels—forget weaker micro bevels Controversial though it may seem, and though adopting micro-bevel methods for sharpening chisels may seem to make sense, a freehand convex bevel actually gives exactly the same sharpness as any micro-bevel method, but takes only a fraction of the time to develop. A convex bevel keeps its edge longer, is […]

Second day of class

Second day of class and what we did The second day of the class went well despite the fact that what I thought was the tail end of congestion was to worsen over night. Nothing stopped us though and by the end of the day we accomplished many things not the least of which was […]

Link to the Veritas vise

Hello everyone, Here is the link for the Veritas Vise used on the bench I am using here in the USA. I have been recommending this vise and as an ideal vise not only for beginners but for any woodworkers of any status needing a heavy duty working vise for everyday use.;=1,41659

Minimalist tools – dovetail saws

So you need a dovetail saw. I think that many people think that a dovetail saw is for cutting dovetails and though that is true, it is not so much a dedicated saw but simply a small saw we use mostly for cutting smaller joints and that includes dovetails. A well-sharpened well-set dovetail saw is […]

More on the US Baltimore Show

The Real Woodworking Campaign continues here in the US. Being here in Baltimore at the Woodworking Shows makes me ever conscious of the need for much greater levels of educational input for woodworkers, and not just new ones either.  I demonstrated all day yesterday and indeed the day before on the hour every hour and […]

Breakfast at Eli’s

Breakfast at Eli’s – Oasis in the break-fast dessert There are many institutions in the US that somehow have survived all difficulties and obstacles and one of those institutions is the American Café. Back in the UK one of my favourite café’s is Bluesky café up and behind High street. Here in the US it’s […]

Paul Sellers’ upgraded palm gauge

I’ve used the screw in the palm-cum-beading gauge by simply using a block of wood and the screw. This week I refined it and made a quality tool that will remain. I used a piece of the Indian laurel I cut from the inside of one my log birdhouses a couple of months ago. Indian […]

Sharpening on hollow stones

Someone emailed me as a result of my earlier post and said that if a stone hollowed through constant sharpening of the bevel of a tool’s cutting edge, how do you then hone the reverse flat side of the tool blade without creating a round face on what must be dead flat. That’s a good […]

Palm gauge-cum-beading tool #1

This is an unusual tool. One of the most useful and the cheapest on the market. I have used them for many years, almost 45 I think.   My students often complain that marking gauges are difficult to use. They are not, but they can be at first. The problem is that people spike them […]