What’s a Chisel Worth

I looked for a chisel on eBay. I wanted a specific one, a W Marples 1 1/4″. It took me less than a minute to find one I liked even though it was the lesser common type on the larger size. I wanted a wider bevel-edged chisel made by Marples or Ward—what might now be […]

Flexing Your Muscle Power

Someone told me I had to get an impact driver. It was silly really, I felt. He didn’t know me at all. He didn’t know my financial circumstance. He didn’t understand me. He couldn’t know I didn’t want one because he would only be able to see his own perspective. More importantly he couldn’t see […]

The Stanley 151 Spokeshave Works Great

I was a little surprised that the Stanley 151, red and black version, could still be had new. I’m not sure why but Stanley upped the anti with their most basic spokeshave. Following the poor work of Draper spokeshave I asked Izzy to buy in a new Stanley. People new to woodworking need a good […]

A Wonderful Point

The thing that’s wrong with a blunt pencil is that you just can’t see the point in it. Here is a tool I recommend for anyone who likes sharp pencils all the time. Whereas I like and use a rotary pencil sharpener in the workshop, when i am out and about I found I had […]

Auriou Rasps

If you have yet to invest in a top quality rasp then buy the Auriou cabinet rasp; you will never regret it. All of their rasps are works of art and there is no substitute. But I just heard they were trying to raise funds to save their company from closing. This company needs us. […]

The Common Woodworking Website Is Live

New to woodworking woodworkers! Maybe that’s you! We’d like to help you. When you think you are interested in woodworking few things cause more confusion than trying to buy a dovetail saw or negotiate the mine fields of buying the right tools. With so much information out there it is very confusing because it’s mainly […]

Making Your Own Strops

Hannah and I used up some scrap leather and scrap 3/4″ plywood to make a half a dozen strops. I usually make them in small quantities and toss the ones that get gouged up straightaway because once gouged there’s a tendency for them to worsen quite quickly. These are my favourite size of 3″ by […]

My Next Project

I go to bed at night thinking about a wide range of things. Most of us do, I think. I usually read  before then, and by the time my head hits the pillow I’m usually asleep. When I wake the sun is just rising and I get up. By 7 I’ve left the house and […]

Two Strokes Beat One

In saw sharpening, generally anyway, two file strokes per gullet will deliver a better cutting tip if you understand what you are doing and the reason behind why your are doing it. Until I began teaching others about my daily working, subtle nuances I generally took for granted remained hidden away. Most of them were […]

I’ve Got Room to Work Again!

Notes from my Journal May14 2018   It’s Monday evening. I just finished making the wall shelf from my teen years. It was an amazing feeling to relive something so pivotal from 55 years ago. My hands are strong now—a hundred times stronger than back in ’63—and with only lean sinew and pure muscle with […]