Flexing Your Muscle Power

Someone told me I had to get an impact driver. It was silly really, I felt. He didn’t know me at all. He didn’t know my financial circumstance. He didn’t understand me. He couldn’t know I didn’t want one because he would only be able to see his own perspective. More importantly he couldn’t see […]

More Spokeshave Reality

I am never sure what to make of thick thin, hard, softer when it comes to plane irons and spokeshave blades. They have all worked for me through the decades but many reviews are biased one way or another depending on whether, hovering somewhere in the background, you actually derive income to some degree or […]

Vise Toe-in Out

Quick release and cast-metal woodworking vises are not all created equal. Some are intentionally made low grade, others high. Some are intentionally engineered with something we call toe-in, meaning the top edge of the front vise jaw touches and aligns with the rear vise jaw but the lower area has a 3mm or so gap. […]

Spend Time Drawing

Drawing, like many things, writing, craft work, woodworking, if you want to do it well, starts out as an interesting notion and then develops into a discipline. You can enter the portals of institutions and learn there or you can find some other way. All will be equally good. I draw for myself and mostly […]

Singing Work!

The workshop rang with loud singing, singing full-voiced, deep. The men sang all day, old songs I learned along the way as we planed and sawed, quick wristed, smooth actions in time with the notes of songs. I tried singing low and I did, a bit, now and then, high, high, a break, then low, […]

All in a Day’s Recovery

Taking Control Saturday is the beginning of the weekend for most, at least in our western culture it is. It’s a two-day culmination after a week’s worth of work and it’s  the restoration period allocated for the body and mind for recovery work that requires no input from us. Just as sleep concludes the end […]

Open House Update Soars!

After about two years of planning and building and then six months of internal construction and organising, the day came to open the doors to guests, visitors who love woodworking as much as we do. It can be quite a drain getting this point, builders never quite seem to match their presentation but you put […]

Stuff’s Happening

Two things off the top of my head. The Open House day is Saturday and that’s going well. Everyone here is excited to meet everyone coming and share their experience, show you around and explain things. I am going to give a presentation we will be filming to send round after the day, alongside a […]

Upgrading My Garage

Adding the upgrades to my workbench makes me feel more settled in; like I’m here to stay! When you get used to something being the way you intended and then it’s disrupted for a period you realise a bit how you spoiled yourself. But it’s even more than that really. After two years at my […]