Clutter As a Necessity

I like cleaning and sweeping up. Always have. I like to stop and put away. Organise my workflow, my tools, my wood and such. It’s nice. I do this according to the progress and stages of a project. The carcass gets made, I clean and clear. Then I start the next stage with a clean […]

More Than a Blanket Chest

It’s been a struggle. Rough sawn boards of sycamore and maple, thick sections ripped for legs by hand and then shaped with spokeshaves with scarcely room in my workshop to move. The truth is, though, the result of working through difficulties and challenges thrilled me. The fact that I wasn’t looking for an easy path […]

Which Man-made Boards to Use?

I’ve been enjoying making the second blanket chest and the challenges of the glue up. because of the struggles I came up with a more foolproof way for gluing up and aligning everything so that the glue up could be done as a two step process. This took off the pressure of a large, single […]

Harmonising Upset

…George had one minute seemed fine and the next stormed out the double doors in an almighty thrust of energy fuelled by his anger saying nothing at all to anyone and yet by action saying everything. In three bounds he reached his truck and spun a donut before a tail spinner whipped his trail in […]

Progressive Woodworking or Channel Hijack?

We created another update to keep you in the loop. There has been a lot going on here at the new building but we are so close now.


Dismantling a man’s workshop I’m sure others would feel the same way. Unsettledness accompanies everyone’s equilibrium in many ways, moving house, moving workshop (or both on one month again for me), but the sense of purpose is what’s important and I feel that. Mostly my workshops have been fairly long-lived with perhaps a short one […]

My Latest Design—How it Unfolds

When an idea occurs it arrives with no plans and no prior planning. In a split second a picture appears as if from nowhere and the train of thoughts begins. Not copying the designs of others does not mean you didn’t see something and allow components to register in your psyche. No written notes, no […]

It’s Not Too Late!

Sometimes some people just think things are always black and white and then comes colour to colour our lives. Let’s take a stab at this and see where we end up. Woodworking is for everyone that wants it at any time they choose to take it up. With that out of the way let’s look […]

Enter Title Here!

It’s often hard to describe the things I see in people when they have worked for a short while using their hands; perhaps it is even the first time they ever did that make the greater difference, makes  it more special. A man in his late thirties, not technical, not an engineer, more a barrister […]