Dad’s Out of Kilter With Their Kids?

You can read the article any which way you want. Or not. It doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already really know in your gut.  It just makes you think. Somehow this one was made gender specific, but in my book, based on my experience and not my opinion, teaching life skills, no matter what […]

I’m Writing Craft

Here’s a sentence on dovetails: “A dovetail is a single saw stroke away from becoming. I lift the saw, push the teeth into the wood and cut to the line stroke by stroke. Sawn granules fall from a hundred cutting teeth and the kerf parts off the waste as a dovetail emerges to receive its […]

Safe Key-ping…Or One For the Kids

In need of a safe, inconspicuous spot to keep a spare gate key, I made this fake nesting box. It could be a permanent nesting site for cavity nesters too, with a little modification. Though I have never forgotten or lost my keys in all my 68 years, things could one day change. A Masters […]

There’s a Book You Should Read

I’ve written so much on how I feel about my work, how I chose what I chose as a way of life, why I work the way I do and do what I do. The way I do it is not mainstream any more that’s true, and I rarely meet others like myself any more, […]

I’ve 3 Giveaway Prizes to Share

To share my skills and abilities with woodworkers around the world I use my blog, social media, our channel and my YouTube channel. The platforms have served me well as we explore the different channels for passing on our work to a global audience. YouTube seems to need a constant boost and I don’t […]

Just What Do You Call This?

In silence they smiled. Uncommon, occasional and always silently. It was the silence somehow that spoke the most-the inaudible loudness of it that loudly spoke of an inordinate joy and the funny thing about it was this, in the silence of that occasional, uncommon smile, others around knew about it, shared in it and it […]

I Bought A Different Gauge

It cost £12 with free shipping and the design intrigued me. It comes from an era when manufacturers wanted different because different was patentable and patentable meant protection and protection might well lead to profit if the design was liked. Even without cleaning and oil it works well enough despite the broken piece that I’ll […]

Devloping My Mortise Alignment Jig

Back in the dim and distant past I found myself struggling with an issue. I’d learned to chop mortise holes parallel to the outer face by rote repetition. With non-through mortises this can be difficult to get perfection in. In my teens I pretty much mastered the technique but most people don’t have what I […]

Saved Saw and Perfect Teeth

So I added another R Groves tenon saw to my collection of working Groves saws. The eBay find was a no brainer for me because it was one I’m yet missing from my saw gatherings. There are still two or three to come that I know of and there may be others I don’t know […]

Filing/Honing Guide for #80 Scraper

Watch the video first to see how effectively it works. Go here:   After a class, most times, I notice that  two or three (some times more) of my cabinet scrapers have been filed and honed incorrectly and end up out of square, often with the bevels are far from 45-degrees, often to a bull-nosed […]