IKEA—30 Years of What?

“IKEA—Democratisation of design” ???? What? Yup! a couple of newspaper writers (maybe more, knowing British journalism) reported the same thing in a short space of time, both hailing IKEA as a ‘democratising’ force revolutionising people’s perspectives on furniture design. Both articles were interesting in the way some articles can be, you know, contributing interesting points […]

Reconsider, Reconstruct and Renew Your Thinking

If you don’t believe you can you won’t I am always interested in hearing people discuss issues surrounding furniture making and selling what you make. If you put your cell phones and computers away and stop listening to those who say it can’t be done you will likely do it just fine by just putting […]

Dying Crafts. What to Do?

I listened to a BBC Radio 4 programme with a presenter named Jenny Murray talking about 17 crafts on the ‘Red Endangered List’, where certain crafts are in danger of disappearing. Of course we have seen crafts disappear because there was no use for them anymore. John Seymour wrote a book about the Forgotten Crafts […]

It’s Not What the Boy Does to the Wood…

…but What the Wood Does to the Boy! On Saturday morning Hannah completed another box. I thought it was perfect. She didn’t. Not until it was done that is. Then she liked what she’d done. What makes the box as near perfect as possible in my consideration of the whole in not so much the […]

Aldi Drill-driver Under Test

You don’t see me too often extolling the merits of power equipment but one piece of equipment i use enough in the day to day of life is a battery-driven drill-driver. I like them because they are a one hand operation, leaving my free hand to hold the work. It doesn’t mean I  am abandoning […]

Real Woodworking Just Grows and Grows

Thursday 30th March 2017 It seems true to me. Real woodworking is an unstoppable force that carries within itself the ability to influence change and transform lives. This is because it is proving ever more to be rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful. I cannot even begin to tell you the positive influence it’s had on my own life […]

In 2013 I Traveled the USA

Tuesday 21st March 2017 It’s hard to believe but in 2013, starting in January, I traveled 12 US states to demonstrate my belief that hand tool woodworking could feature a thousand percent more highly than it did if we could seriously consider what we wanted from being woodworkers. I knew from my experience living and working […]

Happy Birthday Paul!

I am Cristina, Paul’s PA. I have administrative access to this site because I handle the technical aspects. I don’t usually use my ability to create blog posts but I thought I would make an exception to tell you all that it is Paul’s birthday today! He doesn’t know that I am posting this but he […]

New Beginnings

We are just about concluding the series on the Craftsman-style rocking chair I have been making for the past 25 years now. It has been popular with most whether that is to make it or just watch how I made it. I am a most fortunate man. I have spent the whole of the life […]

Treasures With Meaning

Here is the small gathering of treasures I have gathered from different places at different points of time and for diversely different reasons. Most of them came home from Texas with me last week. Their qualification is most usually by functionality and use and then by their appearance and fit. Fit is multidimensional––fit for purpose, […]