Happy Birthday Paul!

I am Cristina, Paul’s PA. I have administrative access to this site because I handle the technical aspects. I don’t usually use my ability to create blog posts but I thought I would make an exception to tell you all that it is Paul’s birthday today! He doesn’t know that I am posting this but he […]

New Beginnings

We are just about concluding the series on the Craftsman-style rocking chair I have been making for the past 25 years now. It has been popular with most whether that is to make it or just watch how I made it. I am a most fortunate man. I have spent the whole of the life […]

Treasures With Meaning

Here is the small gathering of treasures I have gathered from different places at different points of time and for diversely different reasons. Most of them came home from Texas with me last week. Their qualification is most usually by functionality and use and then by their appearance and fit. Fit is multidimensional––fit for purpose, […]

Craftsman-style Rocking Chair Series Coming Soon

Since we made the beautiful chess board a few weeks ago we have progressed considerably and generated many more projects for you ongoing ‘apprenticing’. Woodworkingmasterclasses.com has changed the way we reach out to woodworkers from when we could only impact on a local level to now reach all the way around the world. Whether you […]

Ooooh! They Do Make Me So Mad!

I have heard these things below all my life for fifty years now and I HAVE MADE MY LiVING from working with my hands. Naysayers. Don’t give them any more room than you have to to be kindly to them. No, I didn’t own two cars, but that’s because my wife didn’t drive and I […]

Don’t give up!

Or did Winston Churchill not say on October 29, 1941, as the then Prime Minister of Great Britain (as the UK was once known),  “Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up. He was visiting Harrow School to hear the traditional songs he had sung there as a youth, as well as to speak to […]

Journalling for Woodworkers

I look through my journals of ten years ago and enjoy reading what I was doing on the equivalent day compared to today. Ten years ago I was teaching and making. Believe it or not I was teaching two classes at once and I was making a cello with Joseph all at the same time. […]

Craft––The art of work in action

For me, craft has and always will be the art of work in action, no matter the work type. Craft brings order to the whole of life. It’s highly addictive, self-perpetuating and sustainable and more than that it is a powerful way of expressing who we are as people, societies and nations. That’s why I like […]

Stoneywell––Culture and quiet time

Part I Meditation and quiet time became important to me even though it is usually during my premium work time when I find myself needy of time alone or with friends or a friend. Some times one is more important than the other and sometimes, as it was when I went to Stoneywell, time to […]

You Cares!

Of course I knew that you did. It has been an interesting discussion. I recall working on the Isle of Anglesey 8 or 9 years ago with Joseph and a man looked Joseph in the eye and said, You see this man here.” pointing to me. Joseph said, “Yes.” He said, “This man, your dad, […]