Fitting Things!

It’s fitting for a workman to establish things. As a boy I watched men do this from time to time. People then didn’t flit, they stayed. By that I mean from job to job, place to place, change homes, such like that. They simply established themselves and stayed. Sometimes a new man came. There were […]

Finding and Buying the Scarcities and Rarities

eBay has given us inroads into discovering tools that at one time only came via tool dealers and antique markets. Many tool dealers in the 1970s and 80s advertised in local newspapers for tools to buy and then sell on; they bought chests filled with tools, picked the best from the rest and parcelled them […]

A New Garage Workshop and a Clean Sweep

A Clean and Clear Working Environment My new workshop’s ready. I’m moving in this week so I hope you’re excited for me. I’m going to blog more on my experience and especially keep you up on the added nuances that have made my shop work through the years. In my workshop easy-sweep is important to […]

Closing the Shop Doors

No matter where my workshop has been, grandiose castles and my own homestead workshops by my homes in Texas from the 80s through and well into the new millennia, there are few things that compare with putting out the shop lights, taking a last look inside, and catching a silhouetted glimpse as the last light […]

Dad’s Out of Kilter With Their Kids?

You can read the article any which way you want. Or not. It doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already really know in your gut.  It just makes you think. Somehow this one was made gender specific, but in my book, based on my experience and not my opinion, teaching life skills, no matter what […]

My Latest Design—How it Unfolds

When an idea occurs it arrives with no plans and no prior planning. In a split second a picture appears as if from nowhere and the train of thoughts begins. Not copying the designs of others does not mean you didn’t see something and allow components to register in your psyche. No written notes, no […]

Yes You Can!

Go Do It “I can’t saw straight to a line.” ‘No,’ I said. “I was the worst in class in school.” ‘You couldn’t be. Everyone else says the same.’ I replied. “I couldn’t get the saw to go straight, and the plane, you should have seen the wood after I’d done!” ‘Oh, really. It’s probably […]

Skills Lost Regaining Future

Before you read this in its entirety, if indeed you do, let me preface it by saying I am not saying there is no skill in anyone. Of course there is and there are skilled workers in many fields everywhere. But my adventures in woodworking have shown that hand skills re used less and less […]

I’ve Learned to Learn, Always!

Perhaps it’s more about learning how to learn I’ve taken many pieces apart, you know, undone them, unpackaged them and spent time dislodging parts by breaking glue lines, dissolving paints and varnishes, band-sawing open joints through and through and my investigations helped me to grow and understand. It’s not just the finished techniques or the […]

Wraparound Support

“I just wanted to congratulate with your staff for the great quality videos that are surrounding your work. During the videos I noticed many improvements in descriptions, camera captures and the quality of images. That’s very important for people that view the projects from home. Thanks.” “Thanks Giorgio, I’m a fortunate woodworker. Personally, I think […]