More Spokeshave Reality

I am never sure what to make of thick thin, hard, softer when it comes to plane irons and spokeshave blades. They have all worked for me through the decades but many reviews are biased one way or another depending on whether, hovering somewhere in the background, you actually derive income to some degree or […]

Spend Time Drawing

Drawing, like many things, writing, craft work, woodworking, if you want to do it well, starts out as an interesting notion and then develops into a discipline. You can enter the portals of institutions and learn there or you can find some other way. All will be equally good. I draw for myself and mostly […]

Making Your Own Strops

Hannah and I used up some scrap leather and scrap 3/4″ plywood to make a half a dozen strops. I usually make them in small quantities and toss the ones that get gouged up straightaway because once gouged there’s a tendency for them to worsen quite quickly. These are my favourite size of 3″ by […]

I Made My Workbench Drawer—Again!

We recently filmed the making of the workbench drawer as a follow up to the workbench build for YouTube (not out yet). It doesn’t take too long to make  a drawer but filming makes the wholly simple process much more complicated and it takes longer because of a variety of things. The thing is that […]

In the Beginning, Exercise Restraints

I am always surprised how many people I meet have high expectations in their being able to achieve high standards when it comes to more manual types of work yet without ever really having been exposed too much to such labours. I suppose there’s a thinking that if you are intelligent there is an automatic […]

Just Thoughts, Mostly

I looked at works of art in made goods designed for work, work almost always by unknown makers yet often with maker’s names stamped on or print-applied in some way say by way of a tag, embossed plaque or then too in a casting of iron. Many of these so-called makers assembled components, blades from […]

Turning Turning Action!

I’ve been turning door knobs for cabinets on and off for forty-five years to date. That’s what I did yesterday and a little over the weekend. It’s a useful skill for a furniture maker of course, so I learned fairly early on in my working. Handy to have a stock of door knobs in and […]

Designed for Money-free Therapy

It may just be a prototype bathroom cabinet to others, to me it is therapy by design! Therapy comes to us in many ways. I walk the river path every morning. Ducks and waterfowl of every type are just inside the reeds and roach 10″ plus long nose upstream awaiting some morsel to twist and […]

Two Strokes Beat One

In saw sharpening, generally anyway, two file strokes per gullet will deliver a better cutting tip if you understand what you are doing and the reason behind why your are doing it. Until I began teaching others about my daily working, subtle nuances I generally took for granted remained hidden away. Most of them were […]

Fitting Things!

It’s fitting for a workman to establish things. As a boy I watched men do this from time to time. People then didn’t flit, they stayed. By that I mean from job to job, place to place, change homes, such like that. They simply established themselves and stayed. Sometimes a new man came. There were […]