My creative workspace

I tried to imagine life without a workspace. I think the nearest anyone can come close to understanding how I feel is to imagine life without their favorite thing to do and magnify it a hundred or so times. Creativity has many dynamic dimensions not the least is the ability to create a creative space […]

My creative workspace V

I hope that by now you can string these posts together and discover that your workspace has critical elements that go beyond the sterile kitcheny look depicted in most magazines and videos. I’ve made it clear that orderliness is important and having a place for everything means it and you have a sense of belonging. […]

My creative workspace IV

I think of my workspace as a creative place in which I spend a great deal of if not all of my time. It’s not comfort I in any way crave so much as a place to create, which to my mind is seldom comfortable. Design and developing designs from two-dimensional images to three-dimensional reality […]

My creative workspace #24

Imagine if you will a man gifted with his hands and having no ability to design. What piques your sphere of creativity as you work? Is it the wood or your workspace, the influence of other designs or perhaps the tools you use? I picked up a copy of Fine Woodworking recently. I laughed at […]

My Creative Workspace Chests

  My Creative Workspace Chests I finally finished off the lower toolbox to my creative workspace, which concludes my settling in to my workshop after about 18 months. It is resting now. A place for everything and everything in its place is a maxim I have learned the value of. I want to encourage any […]

My creative workspace #22

Extending my creative workspace We all have important phases in our lives. Landmarks if you will. I have had them since the beginning of my work life. My first day in the Hillgate, Stockport workshop was one of them. My life is quite different now to then. Instead of being a boy I am an […]

My creative workspace #20

We worked a great deal on workshop projects over the past week: Everything from saw restoration to my new mahogany box, working with students and friends to finish up the new projects. My work is all about changing lives and welcoming changes in myself. New challenges come hard some times, but compelling ideas take compelling […]

My creative workspace VIII

Leave your space for a season, with others working around yours, and soon you’ll find your neighbour extends his and her comfort zone into yours. This reflects a lack of respect for one person’s space by another or others. If one picks up the tool belonging to another, respect is diminished. A man’s tools are […]

My creative workspace

    Every artisan must develop and then own his or her sphere of creativity in which to produce their works. My creative workspace holds all of the essentials I need to work productively and the more people working with me in that sphere the more the sphere of creativity increases in potential.   A […]

My creative workspace VI

Slipping the tools up the ramps and into the workshop I became aware of my working space again. I recall my travels over the years and whenever I have spent more than a few weeks in one place the first thing I’ve done is create workspace where I can whittle on wood, photograph my work […]