Creating creative workspace

Remember when I first set up my workspace tattle New Legacy New York school and I had cupboards more centralised to the shop. Well, for me, as a blogger and photographer, it was hard to  get the light I needed without resorting tas situated lighting or flash. These create artificial images and this that I […]

Another’s creative workspace

Monday 2nd April 20112 Rest and re creation This was a restful day challenged only by my own quest for a balanced period of reflective personal solitude, occasional moments of interaction with a few friends and a couple or more hours watching, talking and listening to my friend Marty for the woodworking insights of a […]

My Creative Workspace #30

I’m thankful for the work I do. I have been making the hope chest for a few days now and on Saturday I have a two-day workshop so I will postpone some of the work until next week. Sharing my workspace has become increasingly important as I grow older and whether it’s teaching, apprenticing or […]

More on creative workspace

Today I am stopping in at The Home Depot, my least favourite place to go buy lumber in general, but I am doing it for you, to buy wood for my tool cupboard and storage cabinet. Later on I will be visiting a lumber sawmill here in the woods. That will be my next post […]

My creative workspace – more thoughts

In a culture where most men now punch keyboards rather than swing an axe, write with a pen or dig a ditch, and where many men are dubbed big kids with Tonka trucks and owning hand tools they themselves call “new toys”, it’s sometimes hard to consider my work serious in crafting a living. This […]

My creative workspace #28

I’ve neglected this aspect for a few weeks while I have been away. And now, getting ready for the wedding, I have many important things that pull at the minutes of each day. Being creative means engaging in the everyday of life, yet seeing life beyond the mundane. I think I spend much of my […]

Neglected creative workspace

When I’m in full creative mode my work seems to carry me in forward momentum to the neglect of things around me. Some say its focussed attention that blinds us to other tasks that also need taking care of. Multi tasking is seen as a positive trait now attributed to half the population, which isn’t […]

Creative workspace—cupboards

Outside the siding is going on, painting too. Hung cedar shakes transform the insulated innards to visual texture and colour in keeping with a counter-facility to the factorial production facilities so common today.We reach into the future with an alternative reality as we establish both a furniture making workshop for hand made products and furniture […]

My Creative Workspace Order versus Chaos

Notes from my journal For some time I have talked fairly extensively about the creative sphere of work and the creative workspace. This is not so much ethos and philosophy, but how or where we working craftsmen develop work as practicing artisans. I in no want to or intend to differentiate between men and women, […]

My creative workspace #21

Today was extremely busy at the Hand Tool School in Penrhyn Castle and I was able to share my Creative Workspace with dozens of people interested in hand tool woodworking and woodworking classes and seriously considering learning the traditional skills we use in our everyday work.   When I turned from totally designing furniture pieces […]