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Penrhyn Castle Tour Session #3

[…] doorway exemplifies the fine skills of the joiner from an age when such quality defied the age of the machine. This joiner worked at a pine joiner’s workbench hand planing English or possibly Welsh oak in preparation for cutting and shaping joints with shoulder lines so perfect the arched joint-lines are barely discernible. The […]

Buying locally

[…] carry a good range of tools. Whilst I was there I noticed they had 4×4 fencing and 4 ½ by 9, which would make my next outdoor workbench project. I plan on making a bench I can leave under a carport permanently. I find that a lot of my work is for outdoor joinery […]

Working Wood 1 & 2

[…] can apply each of those joints in a Shaker-style box, chairside table, and small wall shelf. The book also gives a brief outline of building a small workbench. Finally, Paul shows how to sharpen each of the main categories of tools because without sharp tools building fine furniture is virtually impossible. Working Wood 1 […]

There Was a Time…

[…] yet to come close to matching the standards accomplished by men of old using mere hand skills and hand tools they sharpened and honed themselves at the workbench. Plane makers and saw makers, tool makers generally, most of them, not quite all, seem more to have become assemblers of component parts along a conveyor […]

Prepping Wood VI

[…] can before the joinery work commences. A prototype bookcase comes from studs laminated to size and actually makes a useable bookcase. So here we arrive at the workbench with two sawhorses and a handsaw, a drawing and our cutting list. I flip, twist and turn my boards end for end and consider the longest […]

Observations Series Post I

[…] will. Thin, strong blade, sharpenable and costs under £7.50. Pretty? Not really. Functional? Absolutely! There are many tools that generally pass unnoticed along and around a woodworking workbench. Many get the merest nod, are seldom ever mentioned, and even though they may be picked up a dozen times in an hour or a day, […]

How does your workshop grow

[…] are a luxury. You may or may not have noticed the plethora of various tool types dotted around in the background or in the well of my workbench: marking gauges and spokeshaves other, less common and less obvious planes, a gathering of gouges and other chisels in sizes we use more scarcely but need […]

Underestimating and undervaluing

[…] as to what they could realistically accomplish, I pretty much relied on the fact that almost all my students, those standing on the other side of my workbench watching me, would do just fine. The biggest input I made into the world of amateur woodworkers using and wanting hand tool woodworking was believing that […]

My work is my workout

[…] pain. I have no ache anywhere in my body except for some muscle ache caused by the covid vaccine that is almost gone now. I have no aches or pains resulting from my physically working standing at the workbench and moving round the workshop in the day-to-day. In four months’ time, I will hit 72!

Restoring the Jack . . . Plane Speaking

[…] the condition of the plane’s sole and squareness to the sides, etc can often be of minimal or even no concern. It’s when we get to the workbench work that the greater refinements become critical and essential to our work. That’s why so many big box stores sell an inexpensive line of planes in […]