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A Short Story

[…] of grooving in the man’s lifetime. But of course, we will never know. Most things of an important nature, like a plough plane left unused on a workbench, have you noticed, lack a certain look of completion? A lack of neatness even, as though there is more yet to do. More enjoyably good though, […]

Catching up with John: Part I

[…] then but it has. John came to do some woodworking with his dad for a few half days and they worked together to make one of my workbench designs on the driveway of my then rented home in North Wales; I was living there for just over a year when I took a sabbatical […]

Styling your Life

[…] my making. From making my breakfast, my more recent (since covid) dropping in to a cafe for a cafe coffee and on then to making at the workbench, I like cafe white-noise. It helps me think. In the cafe, I write, synchronise my thinking by arranging some of the first of my forethoughts in […]

Reshaping My Chisels

[…] Buffing out with steel wool and some soft furniture polish gives it the same feel as a vintage chisel right off. A plywood chisel tray matched my workbench where all parts to it are made from baltic birch. This tray fits into my tool well below the main bench surface. It also tucks neatly […]

Hand Tools Used

[…] be checked for square as they often come out of square. Stanley Folding Pocket Knife I can thoroughly recommend this knife for your daily use at the workbench. It’s one I have relied on for about fifteen years to date and it knows no equal. This has to be the very best layout knife […]

Can you Handle things?

[…] them from any wood or just reshape the existing to suit your hands. So these are my recently upgraded chisels replete with storage tray to fit my workbench and keep the chisels close to hand and in order. This is well worth doing though doing eight can take time. Just do a couple at […]