New Series On woodworkingmasterclasses Starts Today

Just so you know. We start the new series on making the table I blogged on last night and have mentioned over the past few weeks. I think it really unpacks the past methods of this make and that it introduces methods so very viable today for today’s enthusiasts for real woodworking. Got to […]

Last On Traditional Saw Horses Series

My third and final blog in the series on building a traditional sawhorses My saw horses stack. The gussets can restrict this and though I have a 11” wide gussets to increase strength, this width can be substantially reduced even to as little as 6”. This is up to you but the saw horses will […]

Final on #151 Spokeshave Restorative Work Series – Maybe!!!

Restoring and preparing the cutting iron and the cap iron The #151 flat-bottomed spokeshave is now the commonest of all spokeshaves in use for general woodworking and the traditional wooden pattern from 17th century origins is no longer a production model because it generally ceased being produced in the 1920s because of the #151 success. […]

A New Project Series-A Bedside Cabinet

I am sure you will enjoy following this series and making the cabinet too but even if you don’t make the actual cabinet there is much to learn from the series because it is the first time we have used my system of Mortise and Tenon joinery on a full project. To say that it […]

Craftsman-style Rocking Chair Series Coming Soon

Since we made the beautiful chess board a few weeks ago we have progressed considerably and generated many more projects for you ongoing ‘apprenticing’. has changed the way we reach out to woodworkers from when we could only impact on a local level to now reach all the way around the world. Whether you […]

Making My Side Table Series

On we have been making an occasional or side table by hand. I didn’t realise this table series would be so popular. I designed it many decades ago and have made many a dozen and sold them or given them to my family and friends. This is a foundational course project that I designed […]

Cutting List for the Upcoming Masterclass Series

A couple of more episodes to go on the breadboard ended kitchen board and we will begin the toolbox series in the online broadcast at . Some of you asked for the material list and we have posted it on the website as well as here below. Choice of wood is up to you but […]

Today’s New Shaker Bookcase Series Starts at 5pm

Another New Project Begins Here is the introduction to our latest series. I hope that you enjoy what we are doing. After the workbench stool and the plane making series we are ready for something brand new and inspirational at  the very least. I enjoy all of the projects we film and this one piqued […]

The Craftsman-Style Rocking Chair Series

The recent rocking chair series is going really well. I always expected it too because people have asked for it for so long. The time lapses show that I make the whole without resorting to machine work off camera, but, more than that, it enables me to show the diverse ways I work to make life […]

On Closing the Spokeshave Series – Last One for Now

A difference between cast-metal spokeshaves and wooden spokeshaves is the dynamic of bevel-up and bevel-down cutting iron presentation to the wood I spoke of in an earlier post in this series and earlier blogs. The two differences may possibly appear to present the blade similarly by the overall appearance of the tool rather then the […]