The Building Works!

We moved in and the building team followed The construction is going well and we are a third of the way through. Steel girders and beams, steel studs, insulation and sound-block plasterboard are all in place and, well, to be honest, it’s beginning to feel more like home again (whatever that is?). The mezzanine that […]

Question on Workbenches – Are they Becoming Fanciful

Q: Paul, I think what you have written here about workbenches in general is very much so. The hype about workbench design, looks etc. is a bit over the top. In the end of the day the bench need to do what you need to get done. Meaning holding workpieces securely so that you can […]

Workbench Gallery

A place where woodworkers around the world share their Paul Sellers workbenches and inspire everyone in the community to push their limits.

I Made My Workbench Drawer—Again!

We recently filmed the making of the workbench drawer as a follow up to the workbench build for YouTube (not out yet). It doesn’t take too long to make  a drawer but filming makes the wholly simple process much more complicated and it takes longer because of a variety of things. The thing is that […]

Paul Sellers’ Workbench Drawing and Cutting List

This is Paul Sellers’ Workbench Drawing and Cutting list Paul Sellers has been working on a brand new workbench and this page is a portal to downloading the cutting list and drawings used for this particular project. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT PAUL’S LATEST WORKBENCH ENTER YOUR DETAILS BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF Name* FirstLast Email* Do […]

Building a Tool Cabinet

Here is the introduction video to the new series on building this tool cabinet. The drawing is the outline but there are many hidden details too many to list that are designed specifically for training. Here is the brief intro: For years now people have asked me for a video series on building a version of […]

Plywood Workbench is Out

I am excited and I hope that you are too! The intro for the plywood workbench series was announced recently here and the first episode went out today so this is just a heads up for you. You may be surprised that the whole series is free on Woodworking Masterclasses and goes out two weeks […]

Workbench Apron Drawer…

…It’s On its Way (the YT Video) and You Shouldn’t Live and Work Without One! For a few weeks there I had to do that very thing with my new workbench. And I must say it was a strain for me because I have relied on one in all of my workbenches for decades now. […]

Building Bookshelves on

We have just completed the series on making wooden planes; primarily because we needed a special hollowing plane to shape the seat of our last project which was making a customised workbench stool to suit the bench you work at and of course your height for a stool. In the process we featured a traditionally carved […]