Questions Answered – Ten Hand Tools, Three Joints?

Question: Got to your blog late, which three joints and which ten hand tools? Just curious. Bill Answer: Combination Square: Should be a good and accurate make. Inexpensive ones are usually square at first but go out of square after a short while. See blog entry here from more detailed info. Knife: The best of […]

5,000 Students Later

Nine days passes quickly when the work is stimulating and you have a full worksop of students and staff. Tomorrow will be the ninth day. A week like this means something. I have had many like them but no two are ever the same and I suppose now I have trained about 5,000 people through […]

Saturday in the Woodshop – How Was Yours?

  The day passed all too quickly as we busied ourselves in the work of the day. I suppose going to a car boot sale can’t be considered work, but then again, neither can making a craftsman-style lamp. I picked up many bits (pun intended) on my way past the booths and car boots. A […]

Upcoming Posts and Videos

We have been busy creating new input for training and of course our outreach is far bigger than ever before. Your requests for specific videos and blog posts really is taken seriously so please keep the requests that interest you coming in. We have new posts and videos emerging on the following over the next […]

Search Deeply – One Man’s Junk has Hidden Treasure

There are always implications in the physical that have deeper implications in life; beyond what we can see I mean. Our consumerism causes abandonment in every sphere of life. If it didn’t, landfill would lessen overnight and and the decision to buy a dining table would be determined by whether it would last last through […]

Thorex Hammer by Thor UK Retroshaping

I have recommended these hammers as chisel and assembly hammers and i doubt that you will find finer models anywhere. I also use them for my wooden planes, to adjust and set the the irons as we do by tapping the heel, nose and iron to lighten up or deepen the cut. One thing does […]

Future’s Calling

John fitted right back in to enhance things going on at the workshop. He on his third project which is the tool chest we did on woodworking masterclass three or four projects back. We will use it at the workshop for keeping my camera and lenses in to protect them during my work at the […]

On Plough Planes and Ploughing – Just Thoughts

Considering plough planes past and present I have ploughed grooves for 50 years and used every type of plough plane I think. Just about any way. I’m not old fashioned, I just like the upper body exercise, the self discipline of hand work, breathing good air that isn’t exhaled into a fabric mask and being […]

Woodlands, Wildness & Red Squirrels

I am sure I understand what wood is all the more because I have spent three decades looking inside the wildness of its growth every time there is an opportunity for new discovery. Beyond this, I treasure the feel I get of being internally and externally restored from the weariness and that tired feeling I […]

Questions Answered – Value of Block Planes

Question: Hi Paul. To go from very long planes to very short ones: I don’t think I’ve ever heard you mention a block plane. A cabinetmaker I know uses one as his first recourse, not just for trimming endgrain but for smoothing and shaping and a host of other things, in rather the same way […]