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Plane Training – Bench Heights and More

It’s an intriguing thing that theories often become established facts yet have only minimal research to back up the stats. I wanted to approach this thing called overhead planing today, hoping I could present an alternative perspective. Just another view really. Last year I did a survey  and polled our blog readers to get their …

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Higher benches is best?

I think we are making headway I haven’t definitively concluded findings on the bench height issue yet and I am relying on more contributors over the next few weeks, but it does seem highly likely that we have been misinformed and misled as to bench heights for some long season now. Many have increased bench …

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Jury still out on bench heights

From the populous comes more and more information leading to better understanding and greater levels of actual reality. Now that we have passed the 100 mark I would like to press anyone who didnt submit their details to help us with the survey toward better understanding of bench heights to help your fellow woodworkers and …

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The Question of Bench Heights

This question occurs often enough for me to want to help with. When I owned a walking cane manufactory, every medical organisation took the crease in the wrist as the ideal height for all people to determine the best length to cut the cane to when the person was standing upright. This generic formula worked well for …

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The long and short of bench heights

Part of my preparation for the upcoming month-long class and other classes in the future is to install a taller bench than usual. I have already established that the premium height for a hand tool bench is 38”. This is not a mere opinion. I don’t altogether care find too much real value in opinions. …

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