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Stanley plane SB-4 – Junk???

Paul, I recently bought a Stanley plane SB-4. I have not heard of this plane until I saw one at home depot.. The price was right {$ 26.50}. I am having trouble getting the blade to cut in the bevel down position, the blade is right to the front of the mouth and will not…

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Myth and mystery surrounding plane and chisel bevels

I want to revisit something that proved interesting throughout my tour in the US these past three months. I asked attendees at each seminar what angle we grind our chisel and plane bevels to and everyone said 25-degrees. I then asked what angle do we hone them to? The answer was a resounding “30-degrees” and…

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Plane soles reflect their use and their users

An interesting point just came up on the forum and it’s something most people will not be aware of when restoring hand planes like the #4s, 4 1/2s, #5s and 5 1/2s. Cast iron soles of any and every type wear and wear quite quickly; more on some woods than others, end grain trimming…

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