On Vises

On Vises Part I

Bench vises I’ve installed more vises through the years than I care to even think of counting, well over 200 I suspect. Add to that those I have coached in the fitting of them and it would triple that number because I used to teach a workbench making course to 16 students at a time, …

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On Vises—Part II

Cutting the vise opening into the apron and fitting the vise You can, as I said, use a jigsaw, but the hand tool method is more fun, more demanding and of course you get good exercise in clean, clear, breathable air. The choice is yours. With the layout lines in place, bore a series of holes in …

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On Vises—Part III

Fitting jaw linings You can use plywood, a good grade, or solid wood, even pine, if that’s what you have, to line the jaws of your vise. In this case I’ve chosen sapele, an african hardwood with perfect hardness and compression for this work. I’ve used it before and it’s one of the best. Better …

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