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Finishing rocking chairs

It’s been a good week all around. I recovered from last weeks nine-day foundational class last week and got to spend some time with friends finishing up rocking chairs. I am close to concluding one of my own if I could just find that little extra time for myself, which as they say in Texas, “This …

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Beyond just a rocking chair

Making a Craftsman-style Rocking Chair in Oak                                       I think making chairs can be challenging to any woodworker and even experienced furniture makers avoid making chairs and are indeed daunted by the very thought of designing them. …

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John’s rocking chair

John’s rocking chair Those who follow this bog know that John Winter is my apprentice. I have trained many young people like John through the years and the rewards though varied have been greatly beyond any financial gain. Fact is, I have never received a penny in renumeration from any product or pay resulting from …

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