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Router plane scarcity resolved

It’s hard to believe now but only three years ago I was buying Stanley and Record #71 plough planes for the school for an average price of around £10 with the original two or three cutters they came with. Through the videos I was able introduce concepts of using the router plane for tasks unmentioned before. Mostly …

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Tool review – Veritas router plane

Hand routers = controlled power I often explain that tool reviews are seldom based on viable tests through longevity of use but at the time the tool arrives and  then through one time usage by the author of the report. I may do something similar from time to time, but always with the caveat that …

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Veritas Router Plane

I have used this little hand router for many years. It replaced my old Stanley router #271 as it’s slightly larger than the Stanley model and finely made as is the standard for Veritas Tools. This one has no fine adjustment mechanism and it’s not really necessary because quite, simply, it’s much simpler to move …

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