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Radical Changes for Saw Sharpening (video)

To read more about saws on our Common Woodworking site, click here.   Save your files and makes the saw filing experience more pleasant I thought this up some time back about the time I used a hacksaw to line out a recut on saw teeth using a guide made from wood and a hacksaw. This…

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Magnetised Saw Sharpening Holder

To read more about saws on our Common Woodworking site, click here.   We just filmed some new stock on saw sharpening for crosscut and ripcut saw sharpening and in the move to the new workshop some of my gear is still submerged in the container we used to pick up the slack until the…

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Saw Sharpening video – My Micro-bevel Method Works Great

To read more about saws on our Common Woodworking site, click here.   I don’t really read blogs and forums much because it would mean I couldn’t write the things I feel important to pass on. I wanted to help people establish a simple method of sharpening that works very effectively, efficiently and yet does…

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Today in my workshop – sharpening a tenon saw

This week I have two workshops as well as a few people finishing off their rocking chairs. It’s wonderful being there and seeing the work come together at the different levels. It’s a small group of seven woodworkers that find excitement at the cutting edge of a plane and a chisel. A saw that didn’t…

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Saw sharpening workshop today

We held a good saw sharpening workshop today at Penrhyn Castle. After an hour at the bench focussing on filing some mild steel to show how teeth are configured with a file we all set to to sharpen our own saws. We started at 10am and everyone brought their own saws to work on. We…

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Saw sharpening and more – Wednesday

Your saws are dull, rusted and the set went two decades ago. The rust convinces you that Japanese saws were the way to go anyway and the disposable type, even better. Throwable? Cheap? No not really. There’s a price pay and it’s not necessarily us that will pay long term but more likely our children.…

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Saw sharpening workshop Wednesday

    This coming Wednesday 22 December, I have a non-scheduled workshop on saw sharpening and planes for some college teachers. There are a couple of places spare if you want to spend a few hours on this subject.     We will cover many aspects of saw sharpening and talk about saw categories, tools…

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