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Rounding up on Shellac – Last Post

Rounding Up On Shellac I was asked if the violet colourant makes a difference to the coat clarity or does it evaporate with the spirit as drying comes to completion. The answer is no. Even when wet and newly applied, the colour is not visible at all. I brushed the batch of shellac I just …

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Making Your Own Shellac From Scratch

Making shellac is a simple process whereby we dissolve the flakes of shellac we buy into 190-proof denatured alcohol which we either buy through license here in the UK or we use Methylated spirits, which is denatured alcohol with an added violet colouring and any of a number of other additives that make the Meths …

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Finishing With Shellac – Enhancing Your Work

We concluded the Tool Chest Build a few short months ago on the woodworkingmasterclasses.com online instruction for woodworkers and it was a great success all round. Below is how it looked after we finished it using brushed-on shellac as a practical yet beautiful protective finish. Finishing with shellac is very simple and effective and especially …

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Shellac video is on YouTube

Here is the dovetailed box I did on YouTube; to show how to apply shellac with a brush. I am using an artist’s 1″ Hake brush, which I use for most of my finishing. For a more detailed article on shellac see my earlier blog from April 2011. I think that we have been deceived …

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How to apply shellac as practical wood finish

Brushing on Shellac: A Glass-like Finish I use shellac for all of my projects; either as single sanding coat before painting or varnishing, or as a full finish. Many sanding sealers are nothing more than thinned shellac. It is fast, easy to apply and it gives good protection regardless of what manufacturers of other finishes …

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