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The Craftsman-Style Rocking Chair Series


The recent rocking chair series is going really well. I always expected it too because people have asked for it for so long. The time lapses show that I make the whole without resorting to machine work off camera, but, more than that, it enables me to show the diverse ways I work to make life …

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Why I Demonstrate and…

…It’s Outreaching We All Need This past weekend I demonstrated woodworking at an event supporting National Social Enterprise Day in Abingdon for its local host Oxford Wood Recycling. It was a splendid couple of hours, especially for me, because it’s mostly about outreach. This presentation was without to much pressure because of the work OWR did to allow my focus …

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Demonstrating in Abingdon this Saturday

Supporting Friends at Oxford Wood Recycling this Saturday Morning The big and overarching event is to celebrate social initiatives as a ‘Social Saturday’ which is an initiative by Social Enterprise UK to celebrate the work of social enterprises like OWR. This will be the first time I’ve been able to support an event like this but boosting the …

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Open Spaces in the November Two-day Workshop


This is to let you know that if you are able to attend the November class on 24-25 and you cannot afford the workshop because of cost, please apply for the two spaces we always make available and set aside for solely this purpose. This class will be free to you but you will need to …

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A UK Chisel I Like


Bench-tested Chisel Test  People ask me about a chisel I might like—one I consider recommendable as a chisel  made to last and then with qualities developed for refined work. The question is common enough and of course I like especially to steer new woodworkers toward a chisel I’ve tested well and not just once at the workbench because that’s …

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An Emerging Woodworking School


Of Course We’re Not New to This It’s been almost a year since we held any course workshops proper—mostly because of the BIG moves we’ve made to finally arrive home to my native England. We’ve also been progressing the way we reach out to upcoming woodworkers seeking their own skilled workmanship and that tugs evermore …

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Thanks for the Input On First-aid


I was surprised to get the feed back I got on this issue. It shows that there are many of the same mind who are concerned about the lack of available help. My thought was to take some of the basics and do half an hour a day or a week at work and pass …

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