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Answering the Unasked Qs


Question: Hello Paul I have pretty much zero experience with woodwork, and I am at a bit of a loss where to begin.   So, what do I need to become a woodworker?   With kind regards   Mark Answer: It’s a question that at one time would never have been asked. Prior to the 1980s …

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A Router Too Young to Shave!!!


It happens frequently enough. You buy a tool and it looks good, but then you start to work with it and it doesn’t work. This was one of those more awkward situations that unfortunately happened in front of a larger group of woodworkers looking for shavings when none came. I say unfortunately because the tool itself …

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On New 22″ 10pt S & J Saw–Great Saw


A couple of months have passed since we mentioned the new Spear & Jackson saws I tested out, refined and upgraded to create dedicated rip and crosscut saws. Someone wrote me recently to ask about the shorter 22″ 10pt saw, to get my opinion on it. Fact is, for those of us who want to …

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Some Thoughts on Real Woodworking Issues


I’ve been struggling with something that’s troubled me for a few years now and that is the contrast between professional or what was once just full-time woodworkers and then perhaps amateurs. I see a similar comparison in other areas affecting woodworkers in the realms of teachers of woodwork craft, lecturer types too, if you will, and students; …

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Retrofit Clamps and Match the Best…


…well, nearly I have used inexpensive clamps for decades and the perfectionist 0or elitist amongst us might shun me for daring to compare the best with the rest but the problem with many clamps made from steel and heavy impact resistant plastics is usually weight. We recently aired the lever cam clamps favoured by musical instrument …

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Sad Loss for Lee Valley & Veritas


Over the weekend I heard of last week’s passing of Leonard Lee, the founder and CEO of the Canadian company Lee Valley & Veritas. Mr Lee birthed the company that became the woodworker’s household name throughout North America with many stores in his native country of Canada. I was always struck by Leonard Lee’s insights and …

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