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Making Doors With Hand Tool Methods

Last year we made a series on making a wall-hung tool cabinet using hand tools and the whole process involved many elements to help woodworkers develop various woodworking and cabinet making skills. As we were filming we generated some extra footage intended for different YouTube presentations and one of the different series was how to make …

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Sharpening Matters


We know it does, of course, but there are times then when I watch people struggling in their work because they either don’t realise there is a need to regularly sharpen up on the job, or that sharpening is a regimen you must adopt as part of the workflow, or you don’t know what sharp …

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I Took Friday Off


I went to the APF Forestry Exhibition in Warwickshire on Friday and left my car for a walk across the field of cars leading to the show. Actually it was more a field of trucks, SUVs, four-wheeler dudes that foster the image that goes with the territory. Some things are best said in black and white …

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Q&A Part III – Why We Do What We Do!

OK my great friends, Q&A Part 3 is up here for free via my YouTube channel. I think you’ll love what we’ve done. Below accounts for why we do what we do just a wee bit. These Q&A sessions on YouTube have been very positive and I am thankful for your questions because others gain so much …

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How to Make Real Sawhorses Series


Many of you are signed up for woodworkingmasterclasses.com workshops and the promo prelude one is open for everyone signing in for the free subscription. Lots of people want to know how to make these incredible workhorses what they are and that’s solid and dependably strong for shop support. Here is the link. See what you …

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New Legacy Classes Begin

We are on our way In a few short weeks, on the 28-29 October 2016, we will be holding our first 2-day workshop in England proper. I’ve longed for this day! We have two workshops planned for this latter part of the year and will hold them 10 miles from the historic city of Oxford at the Sylva Wood Centre …

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Starting Out — Preface All You Do With Attitude


Sharpen Your Attitude—Sharpness Comes First I think when we are new woodworkers starting out we inevitably arrive at a point where we experience sharpness for the very first time. It’s a revelation. At first we are content if the chisel just cuts and shavings rise from the plane throat, but that introduction to true sharpness almost shocks us with …

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