Recycle creatively


Last week we filmed a simple video on how to make a handled cutting board. We wanted to do some more of these simpler projects because the gap between simple and our more advanced ones and the longer series can be quite large. We will always reach out to new woodworkers and of course the new …

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Plane Fettling Evens the Score

To stave off some of the questions about setting up a new or secondhand plane (high-end, low-end and any in between), and future ongoing maintenance and adjustments, you might want to watch here. You will need to subscribe for the free membership but that’s straightforward enough. You can also watch on youtube too. Here is …

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Import Planes-Part V (final one)

Here is some more poor man’s stuff for you to try. This week I went into Aldi with Liz and saw some granite worktop (countertop) savers reduced for closeout. The packages were torn. Now I do have a bonafide granite block certified to engineering tolerances so I didn’t need any more but for most people …

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Import Planes-Part IV


I added another plane in the mix or did I? Look at the two outer planes here. These two planes are put out by B&Q. Do they look different? Yes, they do! No, they’re not. Not altogether anyway. Now the third plane, centred here in the mix, came from a very different supplier. The two companies supplying these three …

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Import planes-Part III

On the left is the B&Q lever cap showing the square and angular corner to the cam that causes an issues. It should look like the cam on the Stanley shown right, which is indeed rounded and operates smoothly to ensure the depth of the setscrew is the right depth to allow the cam to operate and set everything properly.

Lever-cam lockdown out of sync This might seem innocuous, or even not apparent at all, but in the context of functionality this little adjustment assister makes a huge difference to the plane and especially so for the setting of the lever cap in relation to the pressure it applies to the cutting iron assembly. I first …

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Import planes-Part II


I dismantled the plane after initially rotating it and and tumbling from tote to knob to get my initial feelings and it didn’t feely rattly, loose or anything different than say a new Stanley. In fact it did feel better than a Stanley. Two things stood out visually immediately and perhaps most might not see …

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Import Planes–Do/Can They Work?


Of course most of the time we might pass them up, but look what would have happened had I passed up the Aldi chisels six years ago. Seemed to me I should give a couple of inexpensive planes a fair try to see how they did and so I bought two from B&Q. The ask was …

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You Cares!

Of course I knew that you did. It has been an interesting discussion. I recall working on the Isle of Anglesey 8 or 9 years ago with Joseph and a man looked Joseph in the eye and said, You see this man here.” pointing to me. Joseph said, “Yes.” He said, “This man, your dad, …

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Who cares?

I was talking to C in the cafe this morning and she told me that her husband was bullied by his parents to take a real course in a real uni that would lead to a real job with real (good) money. She said it was the same for her brother too who really wanted to …

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Improving plane-making standards


Question: Paul, what are the “higher engineering standards” you speak of relative to plane makers or any hand tool makers? Answer: There can be no doubt that Stanley UK planes slopped out and have been poorly pumped out since the 1970s by the slipshod standards assembly line work has an innate propensity to engender. Of course …

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