Update: (31/12/2011) We received 150 people’s ‘signatures’ in six weeks. We are now working on a website which will host the campaign. This is NOT just about a website. The site will simply work for those involved to communicate. We’ll let you know when you can join the campaign.



Dear All,

The Real Woodworking Campaign has begun. It’s a new idea I have to create a retro attitude toward working wood but one based on my lifelong experience in full time woodworking. Looking back on my earlier website  blogs at Paul Sellers.com  over the past year I’ve decided to see just how much actual interest there really is in this campaign. First, let me outline the basics of what it’s about.


The Real Woodworking campaign is:

  • Making really beautiful things from wood
  • Making really practical and functional things from wood
  • Making things from wood that people can really interact with and enjoy
The Real Woodworking Campaign is NOT:
  • Making shavings for the sake of it
  • Making furniture and objects that are made to look and not touch
  • Making isolated joints and doing procedures without a context

This is of course subjective and I could add a thousand other points with examples for each, but for now I just want to see how many people are interested and willing to contribute to this project if I host it.
I envisage many things that could come from the Real Woodworking Campaign but in taking this first step I envisage some kind of online forum where we can discuss and investigate plans for the future of what I now call real woodworking.
To see this as a viable initiative I need 150 people to sign up below before February. If you are already signed up on my mailing list please sign up again below because I would like to keep them separate.
Paul Sellers